BROWE Combat Optic – New Blue Reticles and A-TACS Camo

BROWE Inc is a relative new comer to the optics world but they are turning heads with their BROWE Combat Optic (BCO). The 4×32 BCO is now available in a variety of colors including black, FDE, and now A-TACS AU and FG.

The BCO is also available with a variety of different colored reticles including red, amber, green, and now blue… yes, blue. The blue reticle really got my attention. I am red/green color blind and have trouble seeing some red reticles that aren’t brightly lit. Blue is a color that can be seen relatively consistently across most types of color blindness. I am really fascinated by the prospect of blue as a reticle color option.

You can find a ton more information about the BCO on the BROWE website.

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