RB1 Combat Training Target

Understanding anatomy can be helpful to the shooter who is training to use deadly force. No responsible shooter ever wants to have to use deadly force, but every responsible shooter should want to wield deadly force (if necessary) as efficiently as possible. Anatomical targets like the new RB1 Combat Training Target from Redback One and Webtechgear can really help give a shooter a good idea of what they are actually targeting when an instructor talks about shooting high center of mass or the pelvic girdle.

The RB1 Combat Training Target features several numbered targets that correspond with either hostage takers’ heads or potential vulnerable spots in the anatomy of a person. These numbered targets allow for interesting drills where the shooter can engage specific sequences or numbers in order to force themselves to think through the drill. It also features a high center of mass target.

Jason Falla of RB1 says this of the target:

This is a multi-drill, multi-use target that can be used to zero your weapon and train on critical aspects of combat shooting. You can train on hold overs at close range using small dots, engage high and low percentage zones, multiple incapacitation zones including face, upper thorax and pelvic girdle. There is no target zone on the face as we want students to see the features and shoot to the middle third with the intent on striking the CNS at the base of skull. Training for classic hostage situations can be performed on dot 3/4 . We are finalizing our shooting standards to be used in conjunction with this target. Targets should be available soon. Others will follow!

The RB1 Combat Training Target will be available directly from Redback One.

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