New Light Mounts from Haley Strategic Partners and a BCM Comp Sighting

Haley Strategic Partners let the cat out of the bag regarding two new light mounts from their collaboration with Impact Weapons Components – the Thorntail SBR and the Thorntail MIL620. Both of these mounts are based on the excellent HSP Thorntail light mount.

The Thorntail SBR is designed to keep the bezel of the light a little further away from the muzzle device on short barreled rifles. It accomplishes this by shortening the arm that the light is attached to. This shorter version may also be preferred by some who like the functionality of the Thorntail but just don’t need as much extension.

The Thorntail MIL620 is designed to be a low profile mount for the Surfire Millenium series weapon lights and the Surefire Scout 630 series weapon lights. These lights have been lacking low profile mount options until now.

Interestingly, there is also a good glimpse of the upcoming BCM Comp in this video. GearScout has a great screen capture and details.

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