VLTOR knows a thing or two about making stocks, especially for the AR-15/M-16. Now they are applying that know-how toward making an improved stock for the FN SCAR.

The VLTOR SCAR Stock features beefed up construction versus the OE SCAR stock. It has a hinged buttpad that conceals a storage compartment capable of storing cleaning rod sections and spare batteries (or other small items). Impact resistance is increased with a metal strike plate. There are QD sling swivel sockets located high on the stock.

There are also some ergonomic improvements. The front of the stock is shaped and textured to act as a hand hold when shooting from the prone with the rifle supported. The concave buttpad shape of the OE stock has been replaced with a negative pitch that allows the SCAR to move from low ready to a firing position more naturally.

The VLTOR SCAR Stock retains all of the folding and adjustment of the OE stock and uses the same hardware. The stock allows sufficient clearance to fire the rifle even while the stock is folded.

Check out VLTOR.com for more information.

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