Bogota Titan-Mini and Bogota-Flats from SerePick

Lock bypassing is a valuable, challenging, and mind opening skill. Nothing will shatter a false sense of security faster than seeing how fast a lock can fall to a skilled hand (this is usually accompanied with the additional realization that most criminals will kick in your door or break a window to gain even faster entry to your private space than they could by picking a lock). When it comes to tools that build lock bypassing skill quickly and easily, I am a huge fan of SerePick and their line of Bogota Toolsets. Now, that line up is expanding to include 2 new items: the Bogota Titan-Mini Entry Toolset and the Bogota-Flats Basic Toolset.

Bogota Titan-Mini Entry Toolset

The Bogota Entry Toolsets are unparalleled in their ease of use, portability, and discreet concealability. You can read the past reviews of Bogota Stainless Entry Toolset, Bogota Titan Entry Toolset, and SerePick Executive Kit for more background on these tools.

At just 2″ long, the Bogota Titan-Mini Entry Toolset is the most compact, portable, and concealable Bogota Entry Toolset yet. Like the full size Bogota Titan Entry Toolset (3″ long), they are made from titanium to reduce their magnetic signature. The Mini features the same proven size and shape of the picking surfaces but the handle has been reduced in length to make the set more compact.

SerePick Bogota-Flats Basic Toolset

If traditional “popsicle stick” handled pick sets are more your speed, then the Bogota-Flats Basic Toolset is for you. The minimalist handles on the Bogota Entry Toolsets are great for keeping things compact and working as a tensioner, but when it comes to delicate picking some people prefer the feel and dexterity of a full size handle. The Bogota-Flats Basic Toolset comes with 4 pieces: Bogota Triple Rake, Single Hook, Shallow Hook, and a tensioner.

You can purchase your own Bogota Toolsets on Stay tuned for reviews of both new items.


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