BAD-CASS-SA Now Available from Battle Arms Development

It has been several months since I reviewed a prototype of the BAD-CASS-SA from Battle Arms Development. I was seriously impressed with its combination of the proven lever designs of the BAD-ASS and the new robust dovetail attachment method. Well, after all these months, I am happy to say that the production version is finally available.

The dovetail design stems from the BAD-CASS-SA’s combat ready heritage. It is a semi-auto revision of the original BAD-CASS-3P which was Battle Arms Development’s idea of what a bomb-proof 3 position selector switch should be. The dovetail interface of the levers takes all the stress off of the screws that attach the lever to the selector core. Even if a screw was to break somehow, the fit is tight enough that the lever can actually be retained through hundreds of cycles (see my review).

Many of the same lever options that make the BAD-ASS great are also available on the BAD-CASS-3P. My preferred set up is to use a “Standard” lever on the bolt stop side and a “Short” lever on the ejection port side. This configuration keeps the ejection port side lever mostly out of the way of my trigger finger but still provides plenty of surface area for positive manipulation on my support side. You can choose 2 out of 4 available levers when you purchase the BAD-CASS-SA.

The best news of all might be that the BAD-CASS-SA will also be available in a short throw version. The BAD-CASS-ST-SA features Battle Arms Development’s pioneering 45 degree short throw core design. I have reviewed the short throw version of the BAD-ASS and I think it is probably the way the selector should have been designed in the first place. It is excellent.

This is probably my favorite Battle Arms Development selector yet. You can get your own BAD-CASS-SA or the short throw BAD-CASS-ST-SA at

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