New Additions to the Ares Armor Atalanta Line

Ares Armor has expanded their Atalanta line with a slick new chest rig and armor carrier.

The Atalanta Slim Chest Rig – Split Front is the newest chest rig in the Atalanta line. As you can tell from the name, its key feature is its ability to split open. This not only makes donning and doffing the rig much easier but it can also make laying in a prone position more comfortable. Many split front chest rigs have a gap of unusable space where the two halves of the chest rig are joined but theĀ Atalanta Slim Chest Rig – Split Front chest rig has unique design that allows the chest rig to lay flat without a gap. You would never even know it is a split front rig at a glance.

The Atalanta Modular Armor Carrier is an armor carrier that goes from slick concealment carrier to full kit with the snap of a few side release buckles. The modular design allows any of the Atalanta chest rigs to be mounted on the front of the carrier and the Combat XII Pack can be attached to the back. This allows the the Atalanta Modular Armor Carrier to quickly scale to the user’s specific requirements. An Atalanta All MOLLE Chest Rig is included.

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