The UW GEAR Minuteman MKII with 4 mag pouches in PenCott GreenZone.

I am excited to announce that UW GEAR has partnered with Jerking the Trigger as an advertiser. UW GEAR designs their gear to be durable enough for any user but with a focus on the armed citizen. This focus has lead them to incorporate many unique features into their gear that you will not find anywhere else.

UW GEAR Minuteman MKII with 3 mag pouches in PenCott Badlands

I currently have my hands on 3 different UW GEAR items and I can attest that they make top quality gear. Not only is their gear well made, but is also well thought out. The designs stem from well defined concepts that UW GEAR is happy to share with people. In fact, that accessibility is one of the things that sets UW GEAR apart. You can have direct contact with them on the UW GEAR forum or Facebook page.

UW GEAR Bandoleer in Coyote Brown

Keep an eye on JTT for reviews of many UW GEAR items in the future. Be sure to visit UW GEAR’s website to see their growing line of gear.

3 Responses to UW GEAR Joins JTT

  1. John @ UWGear February 16, 2012 at 10:23 #

    Thanks Matt! We are excited to be on board with JTT!

  2. Trice B. February 16, 2012 at 12:27 #

    I will attest to the great gear also! I am glad to see UW Gear getting in to the market with their excellent products that are made in the USA from two very dedicated owners who only want to put out the best gear on the market at a fair price. I have several of their rigs including the 2 Minuteman MKII’s for AK’s, and bandoleers for AKs, ARs, CX4 Storms and Sig P226.

    Again, great products and attention to detail and quality. Keep up the great work UW Gear!

  3. Dedicatedpro February 16, 2012 at 23:34 #

    I have used several tactical apparatus carrying units in the last 23 years of my professional life from SWAT operations to PSD work. One thing that I’ve noticed is that when you start adjusting, trying on, inserting equipment into the rig, that is where you notice whether or not something “feels” like it’s going to “carry the load” or if you’re going to shoulder the load (the last is not meant in a good way). When you put a tactical vest, chest rig, etc., on to go to work, you can actually feel whether it’s durable or not, comfortable or not and in some cases you can actually say out loud (even when no one is around), “Damn … this is good to go!”

    That said … when I was first introduced to the UW Gear MM Mk II chest rig, I believe those were the words that I spoke to Hawkeye after giving it the once over touchy feely exam like a teenager on a second date. Then when I donned and went through some simple drills with the AK (I’m a AR guy, but own an AK for work purposes), while I had to take a couple of steps back and re-familiarize myself with the functions of the weapon system, the reloads and manipulations between the chest rig and the weapon were seamless and were made easy in facilitation due to the design and durability of the UW Gear rig.

    I have since taken to elevating my AK training to the level of my AR abilities as I was recently deployed to Afghanistan on a security contract where our primary weapon is the AK47 platform (I say platform because we have many versions on contract, i.e., standard, folding stock, RPK machinegun, etc., for those who would make asanine statements about whether or not a “platform” is a “fad” term) and you can guess what I had shipped to me to support my fightability with this platform …

    You guessed it … I have a UW Gear MM Mk II chest rig that I have married to my plate rack to support my primary weapon system and it is practical, durable, efficient and last but not least, comfortable. I will be posting pics soon on the other thread and explaining what I am carrying on it and why.

    UW Gear is a cut above!

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