BAD-MRAD RAPID BRAKE and BAD-DBM Remington M700SA Bottom Metal

Battle Arms Development could probably sit back and rest confidently in the knowledge that they make the best AR-15 selectors in the world but that just isn’t how they do things. They are pushing into new platforms with their newest products – the BAD-MRAD RAPID BRAKE and BAD-DBM Remington M700SA Bottom Metal.

The new BAD-MRAD RAPID BRAKE is a unique brake that is designed by Randy Cain of R+D Precision specifically for precision rifles. The RAPID BRAKE features a “pinch” design that allows it to be timed without having to worry about torque. It can be easily removed for cleaning or suppressor mounting and then re-installed just as easily. The ports are angled 10 degrees up to eliminate ground signature. The RAPID BRAKE fits 5/8″-24TPI, Class 3A threaded barrels and is precision CNC milled from 1144 “Stress Proof” Bar Stock Steel.

The BAD-DBM Remington M700SA Bottom Metal is also designed by Randy Cain. The BAD-DBM is a bottom metal set designed for Remington M700 short action rifles. Its key feature is a low-profile, snag-free, and completely ambidextrous magazine release lever that can easily be reached with the trigger finger without loosening your firing grip. This bottom metal set accepts the industry standard Accuracy International 5 and 10 round magazines.

Stay tuned for more upcoming gear announcements from Battle Arms Development.

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