TAREINCO VTP Sling with ECO Adapters

I really liked the Tareinco VTP sling when I reviewed it last year. It utilizes the Impact Weapons Components 2 to 1 Point Triglide in order to make the sling instantly convertible from single point to 2 point configuration. It also features a large loop to allow the user to adjust the length of the sling on the fly.

The version that I had to evaluate had push button QD swivels sewn  into each end which is great if you have a weapon with QD swivel sockets for both the front and rear attachment points. If you prefer a different type of attachment point or you just need a more economical version of the VTP, TAREINCO has you covered with the new VTP Sling with ECO Adaptors.

The ECO Adapters work like most slings on the market by allowing you to attach the sling to just about any sling attachment point. They attach easily to MASH Hooks, HK Snap Hooks, QD Swivels, fixed loops, and more. The ECO Adapters reduce the overall price of the sling while increasing its versatility.

Check out the new VTP Sling with ECO Adapters on TAREINCO.com. You will probably want to keep an eye on Jerking the Trigger and TAREINCO for more great sling products that are in the works.

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