Beez Combat Systems 762 Chest Rig

Lately, it seems like there is a new 7.62×51 battle rifle on the market every time you turn around and I am not complaining. It is about time we started to see wide spread availability of next generation battle rifles like the FN SCAR, LaRue PredatAR, and LMT MWS. Along with new rifles, comes the need for new support gear. Beez Combat Systems (BCS) has you covered with their new 762 Chest Rig.

The 762 Chest Rig is based on their other low profile designs but is scaled to work with just about any 7.62×51 magazine on the market (M1A/M14, FAL, AR-10, SR-25 Pattern Mags including Magpul, and others). Each of the pouches is individually sewn into the rig to keep the magazines quiet. This design gives the user a massive, uninterrupted span of MOLLE webbing across the front of the rig. BCS claims that this is the lowest profile 7.62x512mm chest rig on the market.

BCS offers an H-harness unlike any other I have seen. The user can purchase it in one of two different configurations. One configuration is the typical type that you adjust before you don the rig. The other configuration allows the user to pull the straps on the harness forward which means it can be adjusted while the user is wearing it.

As you might expect, the 762 Chest Rig is constructed from 1000D nylon and is available in a number of colors and camo patterns including the new A-TACS FG pattern. It retains the magazines via shock cord (bungee) pull straps and features an internal map pocket.

This rig may be low profile but it doesn’t lack features. Check it out on the BCS Blog and on the BCS website.


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