Echo Nine Three AK Sling Mounts

It isn’t necessarily difficult to mount a sling on an AK as long as you are willing to live with the predefined mounting points. If you prefer to mount your rear sling attachment somewhere other than the end of the stock, that is when things can get difficult. Until recently, there wasn’t a good way to mount your sling at the rear of the receiver like so many shooters prefer. Echo Nine Three (Echo93) has changed all that with the introduction of their AK sling mounts.

Echo93 Sling Mounts from Left to Right: V1, V2, V3

Echo93 makes 3 different sling mounts for AK pattern rifles (and 1 for AK pistols). Each one is ambidextrous and works on nearly any AKM stamped receiver that is commonly available. They are as rugged and simple as the AK itself. Each one is cut from thick carbon steel and each version features a different type of sling attachment point and position.

The V1 is completely ambidextrous and allows the sling to shift from side to side as the user transitions the rifle from weapon side to support side. The V1 will work with most side folding stocks.

The V2 provides a low profile side loop and is reversible. The V2 will work with many side folding stocks if you disconnect the sling.

V3 provides a canted loop that is also reversible. The V3 may preclude the use of side folding stocks depending on which side you mount it.

While these are billed as single point sling attachment points, it should be noted that they make an excellent attachment point for 2 point slings as well. I like the rear sling attachment point of my 2 point sling to be as close to the receiver as possible. This gives a much greater range of motion and makes things like tucking the buttstock under your arm during reloads or malfunction clearance much easier.

You have to love a device that is as simple and rugged as the AK itself. You can order your own Echo93 Sling Mount from the Echo93 website. Echo93 is also working on some other interesting products like a very cool sling, so keep an eye on their Facebook page. Stay tuned to Jerking the Trigger for a full review of the Echo93 Sling Mounts.

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