Manticore Arms NightBrake Now Available in 14x1L and 1/2×28 TPI

I am currently testing a Manticore Arms NightBrake for AK pattern rifles with 24mm threads and I am very impressed so far. So, I am glad to see that Manticore Arms will now be manufacturing the NightBrake for 14x1L thread patterns (common for AK-47s) and 1/2×28 TPI (the standard for AR-15 pattern rifles).


The addition of the 14x1L version will make the NightBrake available for most AK pattern rifles. 14x1L is the most common thread pattern for AKs and Manticore Arms already makes the NightBrake for the second most common thread pattern which is 24mm.

1/2x28 TPI

The 1/2×28 TPI version brings the NightBrake to the AR world. It is hard to say without trying one but based on my experience with the 24mm AK version, the NightBrake should perform very well on an AR.

Both of these new versions of the NightBrake will be available from Ratworx. Stay tuned for the full review of the 24mm version of the NightBrake.

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