Thorntail Light Mount from Haley Strategic Partners and IWC

Sometimes it is hard to keep your mouth shut when you know something really exciting and that was certainly the case with these two new patent pending light mounts, the Dropwing and the Thorntail, from Haley Strategic Partners (HSP) and Impact Weapons Components (IWC). I have known about them for some time now and was sworn to secrecy by my friends at Impact Weapons Components. I will focus on the Thorntail in this post and will have more details on the Dropwing later.

The Thorntail Light Mount allows you to mount your weapon light on a railed hand guard in a position that is well forward of any other mount on the market. It can be placed far enough forward that the light is actually forward of the front sight base.

The ability to position a weapon light this way solves several problems. It clears space on your rail that you should be using to grip your rifle, it reduces shadowing caused by the front sight base, it places the light more in a more ergonomically correct position, and makes shorter rails more comfortable to use.

Your light positioning often dictates where you grip the rifle with your support hand. If you are stuck using a 7.0 rail (carbine gas system) then the Thorntail will be just what the doctor ordered. This light mount can be mounted far enough forward that you will be able to move your grip forward. A forward grip is one key to controlling recoil and the ability to drive the gun quickly from target to target.

Those of you who are running Ultimak or US Palm rails on your AKs will also appreciate the Thorntail. It is low profile enough to keep your field of view uncluttered on the Ultimak gas tube style rails and long enough to provide a lot of extra gripping surface on the short US Palm rails.

The Thorntail light mount will work with nearly every common light mount including the Surefire M300 and M600 Scout Lights, G2, G2L, and G2X.

There has been a need for this mount for a long time. It is going to solve a lot of problems for a lot of people. Look for a full review of this mount coming soon on Jerking the Trigger.

The Thorntail is available for pre-order on Haley Strategic Partner’s website and will be available on Impact Weapons Components’ website soon (remember to use the code “triggerjerk” at checkout to receive 5% off at IWC).


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