Shellback Tactical Banshee Soft Armor Package

The Banshee Plate Carrier from Shellback Tactical seems to be taking the world by storm. Its combination of features, quality, and value have made it a huge success. Now, Shellback Tactical is adding even more capability to this already very capable plate carrier with the introduction of the Banshee Soft Armor Package.

The Banshee Soft Armor Package consists of 4 level IIIA soft armor panels. The larger two panels serve as plate backers. These are especially important for “in conjunction” plates that don’t reach their full protection rating without the addition of IIIA soft armor. The 2 long, narrow inserts can be inserted into the cummerbund to provide side protection. I have found that the additional material provides rigidity to the cummerbund that can make it carry the weight of pouches more comfortably.

Shellback Tactical has the Banshee Soft Armor Package on their website right now.

Keep your eye on Jerking the Trigger for an upcoming review of the Banshee Plate Carrier.

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