Rainier Arms Urban Carbine (RUC)

The new Rainier Arms Urban Carbine or RUC is first complete rifle offered by Rainier Arms and it is heavy on features but light on weight.

The RUC features a few Rainier Arms exclusive components like the Rainier Arms XTC compensator and their Evolution Free Float System. The XTC is a high value muzzle device that compensates for muzzle rise and suppresses flash. The Rainier Arms Evolution Free Float System is a lighter weight version of the regular Evolution Free Float System manufactured by Samson MFG. The RUC also features other well thought out components like the BCM Gun Fighter Charging Handle, VLTOR iMOD stock, Magpul MOE+ grip, Geissele trigger, and the relatively new Diamond Head Back Up Iron Sights.

The barrel is cold hammer forged with a 1 in 7″ twist. It is available with a pinned 14.5″ or 16″ lengths. The low profile gas block is pinned which is a nice touch. The rifle should shoot very softly with its mid-length gas system and “H” buffer. The lower is forged and features a nicely flared magazine well. The bolt carrier group is everything you would expect from a premium rifle like this. It is an auto carrier that is MPI HP tested and features a properly staked gas key.

The component list is impressive and so are the specs but the most impressive things is that the RUC weighs in at a scant 6.5 pounds which is very impressive for a rifle with this many features. The shooter only needs to add a light, sling, and optic all of which can be added with very little weight penalty these days thanks to light weight options like the Aimpoint Micros and Surefire Scout lights.

You can pre-order your own RUC at a very attractive introductory price on the Rainier Arms website.

2 Responses to Rainier Arms Urban Carbine (RUC)

  1. JT October 21, 2011 at 09:25 #

    I’ve gotta say, that’s a damn pretty looking rifle. I love the look of full length rails on a carbine length barrel.

    Since I’m at work, it’s blocked, but I’m sure it’s got a fairly high price tag.

  2. Bill October 21, 2011 at 16:51 #

    I dropped by Rainier early this week and held the RUC. Nice balance and quality components. You have to use the diamond sights to really understand what makes it unique.

    It is a smoking deal intro esp with a Geissele trigger. Hats off to Rainier.

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