New Attack Racks from US PALM

The original AK Attack Rack from US PALM is widely regarded as one of the best AK specific chest rigs on the market. Now there are two new versions of the Attack Rack for shooters to choose from – the AK Attack Rack V2 and the Multi-Platform Attack Rack.

Both of the new Attack Racks share some features including the ability to add level IIIA soft armor. This is a feature not often seen in chest rigs. The Attack Rack with ballistic insert provides a very broad area of coverage. Both Attack Racks also have similar horizontal handgun magazine/flashlight/multitool pouches.

The AK Attack Rack V2 offers a nice alternative to the original AK Attack Rack. The V2 adds the features mentioned above as well as a few other notables. The fronts of the AK pouches now feature MOLLE webbing for the attachment of additional pouches. The 4 handgun magazine pouches on the sides of the original are now replaced with MOLLE webbing so that the user can add items like a general purpose pouch or first aid kit. There will also be optional accessories available like medical and general purpose pouches sized to fit the side MOLLE fields perfectly and a universal holster insert.

The Multi-Platform Attack Rack supports weapons other than the AK. It can carry 5 AR-15 or .308 magazines. The entire front of the Multi-Platform Attack Rack features a uninterrupted MOLLE webbing field for attaching additional pouches. It can also accept the universal holster accessory.

Check out the whole line of Attack Racks on the US PALM website.

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