Review: White Sound Defense Glock Mag Springs

It has been said that the magazine is the heart of any magazine fed firearm. This saying speaks to the importance of the magazine when it comes to the overall reliability of the firearm. Many, if not most, malfunctions can be traced back to magazine issues. Magazines are very simple – many having just 4 or 5 parts. However, one of those 4 or 5 parts really has a tremendous bearing on whether the magazine is reliable or not, but few shooters ever spend a moment thinking of them. I am talking about the magazine spring.

I have been using a couple of Glock magazine springs from White Sound Defense (WSD) for the last several months. Magazine springs may seem mundane, but these springs have some features that set them apart from other springs on the market.

WSD’s magazine springs are designed to be direct replacement for full size 9mm, .40SW, and .357SIG Glocks. The springs are made from 17-7PH stainless steel. This allows the springs to be very resistant to environmental factors like rain and sweat. You can check out WSD’s technical article that compares how their springs weather compared to other common spring materials on their website.

They offer about 10% more pressure than the stock springs and you will notice some additional resistance when you are loading your magazines but this will ease with time and use. This extra pressure also makes these springs ideal for +2 magazines extensions and should help keep feeding consistent even in dusty/dirty environments.

They have been completely reliable for me. I have them installed in Glock 17 magazines. There were no issues with the magazines before I installed the WSD springs so it is difficult to discuss what, if any, improvement there has been. They do work and they are made from a material that should perform very well across all environments. I do not hesitate to recommend them.

You can read more about magazine spring materials and more about these specific springs on White Sound Defense’s website.

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