Simonich Gunner Grips by VZ Grips

The Gunner Grips for 1911s that were designed by the late Rob Simonich were instant classics. Their use of G-10 laminate and golf ball like dimples was very innovative and it made them very functional. These grips were often copied but many feel that Rob’s originals were never duplicated.

They have been made under license by other companies in the days since Rob’s untimely passing, but now VZ Grips has taken over production under license from Christine Simonich, Rob’s wife. They have gone back to Rob’s original drawings in order to produce a grip that is as close to the original as possible. They are also offering some options that were never available on the originals like magazine release options, ambi cuts, beveled bottoms, and custom colors.

If anyone can do Rob’s original vision for these grips justice, it’s VZ Grips. The Gunner Grips are on the VZ Grips website now.

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