Daniel Defense Lo-Pro Gas Blocks for Lightweight Barrels

Daniel Defense is now making low profile gas blocks for .625″ lightweight profile AR-15 barrels. They will be offering a pinned model and a clamp model. Now users of lightweight barreled ARs will have more options when they want to extend a free float rail out over the gas block.

Lightweight barrels make all the sense in the world for the majority of shooters. For most purposes, they perform just as well as a “government” barrel profile but with a reduction in weight (and don’t even get me started on the sham that is the HBAR). A lighter rifle is almost always a good thing. However, until recently there have been very few low profile gas block options for these barrels.

I will always prefer the reliability of a taper pinned front sight base, but it is nice to have options like these low profile gas blocks from Daniel Defense. Check them out on Daniel Defense’s website.

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