GEMTECH Silencer Subsonic .22LR Ammunition

Several manufacturers makes subsonic .22LR ammunition but it is mostly just normal ammo that has been downloaded to subsonic velocities. The new Silencer Subsonic .22LR Ammunition from GEMTECH is actually built from the ground up for supressed .22LR chambered firearms.

They use a heavier, 42 grain projectile to deliver harder hitting performance at subsonic velocities. This isn’t some anemic mouse fart of a load either. That 42 grain projectile is being pushed to 1020 FPS to ensure performance while still remaining subsonic.  GEMTECH also saw to it that a cleaner powder was used which is especially important with all the junk that is blown back into the action when using a suppressor.

All in all, this looks like some pretty well thought out ammo. I suddenly have the urge to go crow hunting.

Check out the Silencer Subsonic .22LR Ammo on GEMTECH’s website.

2 Responses to GEMTECH Silencer Subsonic .22LR Ammunition

  1. Earl July 12, 2011 at 16:34 #

    That is a great idea! An additional revenue stream which compliments their high-dollar product line… NICE!

  2. Publius July 13, 2011 at 20:12 #

    That would have been nice when I plugged 2 rabbits in my garden on Monday evening.

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