Once again, the fertile minds at Impact Weapons Components have been cooking up something innovative. The new QD Micro MOUNT-N-SLOT is an ultra low profile QD sling swivel socket that can be tucked away in a Troy Industries TRX rail or a number of other clever places.

The QD Micro MOUNT-N-SLOT is CNC machined from 303 stainless steel and then black oxide finished. It consists of 3 major components: the QD Micro MOUNT-N-SLOT itself, a snap ring, and set screws. The snap ring keeps the MOUNT-N-SLOT from falling into the hand guard while the set screws provide the tension needed to lock all the components in place.

The first and most obvious place to mount the QD Micro MOUNT-N-SLOT is on a Troy TRX rail. It nests down inside the rail and converts one of the holes to a QD swivel socket. That is a pretty clever trick but it is far from the only trick that this little widget has up its sleeve.

The QD Micro MOUNT-N-SLOT can also be mounted on Magpul MOE Hand Guards. The user can drill a hole with a Forstner Drill Bit in their hand guard. Only two other tools are needed: a flat blade screw driver to install the the Spirolock and a 3/64 size Allen key for the set screws.

There are already reports of people using these on standard AR-15 hand guards as well. These should be able to be mounted on just about any plastic hand guard or stock that has the necessary interior space and access. It will be interesting to see where else the QD Micro MOUNT-N-SLOTs turn up.

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One Response to QD Micro MOUNT-N-SLOT

  1. Mike April 15, 2011 at 01:35 #

    I received my QD Micro last week and it works great! Easy to install, light weight, minimal rail usage, and very strong. These have the lowest profile possible, and are very easy to use. Great job Earl!

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