Mesa Tactical Urbino Tactical Stock

The Urbino Tactical Stock from Mesa Tactical is made for both Remington and Benelli shotguns. This new stock should make Benelli owners especially happy since there is a distinct lack of OEM and aftermarket stock choices available for the Benelli line.

The Urbino Tactical Stock has a shorter 12.5″ length of pull. I find that shotgun stocks are generally too long so the shorter length of pull is a positive. The stock also features several sling mounting options and a rubber sleeved pistol grip. It accepts an optional LimbSaver recoil pad which should help ease the pain of high volume shotgun training. Mounting optics like micro Aimpoints have become more popular on shotguns, and the Urbino has an optional adjustable cheek piece to accommodate these optics.

The Urbino Tactical Stock looks like it will be an excellent option.

One Response to Mesa Tactical Urbino Tactical Stock

  1. Brent April 10, 2011 at 01:18 #

    man, no love for the mossberg 500. well, i guess ill have to buy a remington 870, because i love this stock.

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