Last week I mentioned a new effort by Wilson Tactical to put a 30 caliber projectile in an AR-15. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention AAC’s entry into the same niche – the .300 Blackout (7.62×35).

The 300BLK replicates the ballistics of the venerable 7.62×39. It is designed to work within the confines of the AR-15 with no reduction in capacity and to use the standard bolt. It should come as no surprise, given AAC’s hand in this project, that the 300BLK is purpose built to be suppressed. There will be a standard 123 grain super-sonic load and an impressive 220 grain sub-sonic load.

The 300BLK seems to already enjoy some pretty extensive support. Remington will be loading ammo for it. There are already gunsmith tools like chamber reamers available. AAC has plans to manufacture short barreled PDW type AR-15s, a 16″ carbine type AR-15, and even a slick little version of the Remington Model 7 which really highlights the versatility of this cartridge.

You can read more about the 300BLK on 300AACBlackout.com.

One Response to 300BLK

  1. Bill April 7, 2011 at 13:07 #

    Lots of promise with some high name manufacturers like Noveske joining. The issue is the ammo availability and affordability. Otherwise it’s just another well-intentioned attempt at a new cartridge like the 6.5, 6.8, etc.

    Love the fact that one can reuse .223/5.56 brass and mags. Good concept – needs widespread adoption beyond a niche cartridge.

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