Convertible Slings from Tactical Link

Jerking the Trigger first showed you the 2 to 1 Point Triglide (AKA The Triglide) from Impact Weapons Components about 1 month ago. Since that time The Triglide has made some serious waves in the industry.

Tactical Link is the first company to unveil new slings designed specifically to leverage the unique functionality of The Triglide. They have introduced two slings: the Convertible Sling and the Convertible Bungee Sling. Tactical Link is already well known for their excellent sling mounts that utilize push button QD sling swivels. So, incorporating The Triglide into slings made specifically for use with their sling mounts is a perfect fit.

Both slings allow the user to quickly and easily transition between 1 point and 2 point configuration. If you need extra maneuverability you can configure the sling as a 1 point. As soon as the need arises for more stability, you can transition on the fly to a 2 point configuration. These slings give you the best of all worlds. You can tailor these slings to your specific requirements at a specific moment.

You can read more about these slings and other great sling products at Tactical Link’s website.

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