Review: NukoTools GBi

The NukoTools GBi (or Grin and Beat It) is a discreet impact tool that will make you smile right before it bloodies your face. At first glance, it appears to be a cute,  stylized skull but further investigation reveals that it is actually an effective set of 2 finger “knuckles”.

The GBi is hand made from G10 which is an extremely durable, non-metallic material. It is very compact at about 2 1/4″ in diameter and 3/8″ thick. The edges of the GBi that will be in contact with the user’s hands are carefully radiused for comfort while the impact area of the tool is kept sharp to maximize discomfort. The surface of the GBi is hand ground in a shallow random pattern that gives an attractive textured look and serves to create sharp random edges on the teeth. The texture is very subtle, very clever, and very effective.

The GBi is easy and intuitive to use. You simply slip two fingers through the “eyes” of the skull so that the teeth are facing out from your hand. The index and middle fingers or the middle and ring fingers both work well. Once the GBi is slipped into place the top of the skull should press into the palm to support the 2 fingers at impact. It can be used to punch, scrape, gouge, and even deliver pain by grabbing and squeezing the wrist, arm, etc. of the person you are defending yourself from.

Unfortunately, the GBi doesn’t really fit my hand well. Even though the finger holes are the same size as the excellent NukoTools Punch Ring, the extra thickness of the GBi makes it very difficult to put on and take off my fingers. The size of the GBi will not accommodate larger finger holes so oblong finger holes might be the only way to give more clearance for users with larger hands. Oval or oblong finger holes are a good idea on knuckle type impact tools anyway. Also, the GBi is just a little too small to fully reach my palm. This leaves the finger unsupported at impact. Norman at NukoTools told me that he may bring a slightly larger version of the GBi to market. I hope that he does because that would make this tool even better.

NukoTools has more information about the GBi and all their other discreet impact tools on their blog.

If you want to learn more about the effective use of tools like this, I highly recommend reading and attending training from Modern Combative Systems.

Familiarize yourself with the legality of such tools in your area before purchasing.

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