Drop Rig Belt Hanger from Down Range Gear

The Safariland 6004 is the standard by which all drop leg holsters are judged. It is an excellent holster but there is still room for improvement. I like my holster to ride a little higher on the leg than most of the 6004 belt hangers allow so I usually purchase an aftermarket belt hanger. One such belt hanger is the Drop Rig Belt Hanger (DRBH) from Down Range Gear.

The DRBH consists of two main segments: the belt interface and the holster interface. These two segments are connected with a buckle that has 120 degrees of articulation. The buckle sits right where the leg meets the hip so having some flexibility there is a good thing. This buckle set up also allows you to move the same holster to different belts by having a the belt interface part mounted on each belt. The connection to the belt is achieved with MALICE clips and is designed to attach to MOLLE webbing or directly to the belt. The holster interface has holes burned to match the Safariland screw pattern.

This would be an ideal belt hanger for use with the newer, more compact, single strap shroud that Safariland is making. It would also work great with a 2 strap shroud that has been modified to be a single strap shroud.

Check out Down Range Gear for more information on this and other innovative custom nylon gear.

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