Review: NukoTools Punch Ring

The NukoTools Punch Ring actually looks relatively innocuous.

The NukoTools motto is “Leave an Impression” and the Punch Ring certainly lives up to that motto.

The Punch Ring is a discreet, last-chance impact tool that is designed to make punching more efficient and devastating. To use it, you simply place your index or middle finger through the large hole and make a fist. It features a sharp chisel edge on the front that comes to a slightly rounded point. This sharp edge extends forward of the user’s fist when the tool is gripped properly. This edge will cause deep bruising and lacerations when it contacts flesh. It serves to concentrate the force of the punch over a much smaller area which causes more damage. This edge also makes the Punch Ring useful for raking the face rather than just punching.

The back of the Punch Ring is wide (about 1.25″) to spread the force of the impact over a larger area of the user’s palm. The Punch Ring is thinner (.214″ thick) than some knuckle type impact tools but that may be a price you pay for such a compact and discreet tool. This rear edge can also be used when to inflict pain when trapping , squeezing, or raking your opponent’s arms, face, and ears.

One side of the tool is left smooth which helps you to index the tool, even when you can't see it.

The NukoTools logo is just as clever as the tool.

To fit with its discreet mission, the Punch Ring is made from G10. G10 is a laminate material that is extremely durable and non-metallic. One of the sides of the Punch Ring is textured which can help you index the Punch Ring without actually being able to see it if you are carrying it in your pocket. Every corner of the tool that will come in contact with the user’s hand has been carefully beveled to reduce discomfort. The Punch Ring also has a small hole that allows you to attach it to your keys or add a lanyard.

I used the punch ring on various materials that I could get my hands on. The edge is sharp enough that it can be used to cut paper and packing tape. It is surprisingly sharp. It sinks easily and deeply into several layers of corrugated card board. Dry wall gives way readily. Even soft wood is no match for the punch ring. The thin material that the Punch Ring does cause some discomfort to the palm when really getting behind a punch but it did not injure me in any way and it serves to keep the tool concealable and discreet. It is important to remember that this is a last-ditch option. There was absolutely zero damage to the edge from any of the materials that I used the Punch Ring on.

The corners that will contact the user are nicely beveled for comfort.

The leading edge is beveled to cause maximum discomfort for the person on the receiving end.

If you are looking for a compact, light weight, discreet, tool that will give you an edge in a sticky situation then the NukoTools Punch Ring may just be for you. Check them out on the NukoTools blog. These would make perfect stocking stuffers!

If you want to learn more about the effective use of tools like this, I highly recommend reading and attending training from Modern Combative Systems.

Familiarize yourself with the legality of such tools in your area before purchasing.

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