Bushmaster ACR Recall

Bushmaster ACR owners take note:

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This is a very serious situation. If you own an ACR that develops this malfunction you will be in violation of federal law. The BATFE shows little mercy in such cases. If you own an ACR, contact Bushmaster immediately.

View the recall notice on Bushmaster’s Website.

One Response to Bushmaster ACR Recall

  1. T Vincent October 16, 2010 at 09:03 #

    There are legal implications here. There is the burden of a company that discovers that a defective product that they produce that is capable of causing serious injury. Their legal department is trying a new tactic to try to put the burden on the consumer. The old method was to post ads in popular magazines notifyting the consumer of the recall. The possibility that a consumer does not read the ad or disrgarded the recall notice worries was there, so here comes the new tactic of “call us to see if your weapon is on the recall list.” That way the representative can check off that serial number and collect your info if you will give it to them, that documents that “we told you”. This may be OK for many that choose to do so. There is another implication though. The documentation can be subpoenaed by ATF. Lets say you go to the range after putting off returning your defective ACR and it goes full auto. A local cop at the range confronts you and seizes the weapon. A subpoena from ATF to Bushmaster says “We notified the consumer to return the weapon which was capable of automatic fire, therefore the consumer knew the weapon was capable of automatic fire”. What happens then? The info I hear is that the majority of all ACR’s built up till very recently are affected.

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