What’s New at Jerking the Trigger?

You may have noticed some changes here at Jerking the Trigger lately.

First, I am tweaking the time of day that I post. I used to schedule the daily post to run at 4AM but I have been experimenting with an afternoon or evening posting time. It seems most people are reading the blog in the evening so the later posting time may make sense. I will continue to tweak the time to be more convenient to you, the reader. I welcome your input.

Second, I added a menu to the top of the screen. There are several regular features here at Jerking the Trigger (Handgun Sight Reviews, Patch Collecting, The Regular Guy Interview Series, and The Tactical Handyman DIY series). We reached the point where there were just too many to display across the top of the blog in any kind of organized way. Now the “Jerking the Trigger Features” menu item will house them all, so you have easy access to all your favorite features.

Thank you to all my readers for making this blog a success. I aim to continually improve the Jerking the Trigger experience to better serve you.

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