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For the 7.62 Fans – Advanced Armament – AAC is showing off a couple of interesting pics of a new Remington 7.62 AR. At first I thought it would just be a re-warmed Bushmaster AR-10 (since Remington and Bushmaster are owned by the same holding company), but then I noticed the magazine was a PMAG. The old Bushmaster didn’t take the SR-25 pattern mags like the PMAG. It is also pretty obvious that JP Rifles had a hand in the upper, lower, and free float tube. This could be an interesting rifle.

Colt 7.62 Rifle? – Soldier Systems – Soldier Systems gets all the great scoops. This time they have caught wind of a potential Colt 7.62 rifle. I suspect that the wide open spaces of Afghanistan have decision makers interested in 7.62 battle rifles once again.

G19: Gen. 3 vs. Gen. 4 – Vuurwapen Blog – Vuurwapen Blog continues to put their slow motion camera to good use and in the process generate some of the most unique and useful content on any gun blog. The latest slo-mo video is a recoil comparison between the Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks with their double recoil spring module.

HK45 Endurance Test – Week Twenty Three – – Todd Green continues to flog the HK45 and it continues to impress. 33,155 rounds with only 1 stoppage and no breakage!

Larry Vickers Regional Endorsed Instructors – – Larry Vickers is not omnipresent and with his growing TV career he can’t teach as many entry level classes as he would like. He will essentially be endorsing instructors from all around the country to teach his techniques. This will allow more people in more places to have access to Vickers’ classes.

How to Securely Dispose of Sensitive Documents – ITS Tactical – There are many good thoughts here. Keep those documents safe!

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