Down Range Gear Enhanced Straps

The Down Range Gear Enhanced Straps should be standard on every chest rig. Down Range Gear always turns out some seriously innovative designs but this one could change the way that you expect chest rigs to perform forever.

I like to run my chest rigs relatively high and tight. This often means adjusting the straps based on how I am dressed (rain wear, cold weather gear, etc). The Down Range Gear Enhanced Straps are made of shock-cord wrapped in tubular webbing. This allows the straps to stretch and move with you. It should also allow them to work over a wider range of clothes. They also have a length of flat webbing with an adjuster so you can make larger adjustments than the shock-cord will allow.

I wish I thought of this.

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One Response to Down Range Gear Enhanced Straps

  1. downrangegear August 4, 2010 at 01:54 #

    Thank you for the kind words. Again. Keep up the good work, the blog is a great read!

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