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Strike Bezel – more on the tactical marketing myth – Modern Combative Systems Blog – Mercop speaks the truth about strike bezels on flashlights. Spoiler: They are unnecessary.

HK45 Endurance Test: Week Sixteen – PistolTraining.comToddG continues his impressive endurance test of the HK45. HK knows how to build a hard use weapon.

New A-TACS Urban Environment Images Released – ITS Tactical – The good folks over at ITS Tactical have details on the new Urban Environment version of the intriguing A-TACS Camo.

M34 Tactical (ARMT) Assault Rifle Multi-tool – – This interesting tool is obviously the offspring of an AR-15 armorer’s wrench, brass-knuckles, and Peter Atwood tool love triangle. It looks like it crams some decent functionality into a small space.

Russian SURPAT Cordura – OC Tactical – OC Tactical has Russian SURPAT fabric available for projects. I can almost guarantee no one on your block has SURPAT pouches. It wouldn’t be my choice but it is unique and it is definitely cool of OC Tactical to make it available.

Hi-Point Throwdown: Trigger Pullin’ – The Way of the Multigun – This should be an entertaining series. Hi-Point + lots and lots of shooting = I’m not sure, but no matter what happens we will learn something.

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