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Ruger Precision Rifle Aftermarket Rail Options

The introduction of the Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) made some pretty serious waves late last year. The demand for the is still strong and that has lead a few manufacturers to create replacement hand guards specifically for the budget precision rifle.

Midwest Industries has introduced the MI RPR Handguard. This rail is based on their SP-Series AR-15 rails. It features plenty of M-LOK compatible slots, 6061 aluminum construction, and comes with a Magpul M-LOK 5 Slot Polymer Rail section. It is available in 15″ and 18″ lengths.


Seekins Precision is now offering the SP3R Ruger Rail System. The SP3R Ruger Rail features the same flat bottom shape that is found on the AR-based SP3R Rails. The flat bottom helps when shooting off bags or a barricade. This rail also features KeyMod or M-LOK attachment slots, QD sling swivel sockets, and 6061-T6 aluminum construction.

0010530023---12in-sp3r-v3-keymod---45-rear_1_2_3 rpr

Trijicon MRO Mounts from MI in Production

Midwest Industries has announced that their upcoming line of mounts for the Trijicon MRO have been through testing and have entered production. The mount will feature MI’s new throw-lever design and is designed to be lightweight in fitting with the lightweight of the MRO itself. The images below show the lower 1/3 co-witness mount which will be priced at $90.

MI MRO Mount lever MI MRO Mount lower third

MI Introduces New Gen3 M-Series Hand Guards

Midwest Industries has released details of the new third generation of their popular one piece free float hand guards. The new hand guards carry over many features from the previous version and also add several improvements.

Like previous versions, they are very slim (1.5″ OD) and lightweight (see weights listed in image below). The new barrel nut has more aggressive knurling and does not need to be timed. The clamp mechanism that secures the rail to the barrel nut now uses an insert (patent pending “Torque Plate”). Other manufacturers like SLR Rifleworks use inserts to prevent over-tightening but MI’s Torque Plate does more than that. According to MI, the Torque Plate has several functions:

  1. It prevents over-tightening by limited the amount the hand guard can be compressed on the barrel nut.
  2. It engages the upper receiver to prevent rotation.
  3. It engages the back of the barrel nut to prevent the hand guard from moving forward on the nut.
  4. It aligns the hand guard during installation.

They are available in both KeyMod and M-LOK in 5 different lengths (see below).

EAC4420A-56B3-41A2-B070-6625DF3FF03D_zpsxkluz1r3 mi_sip0411

MI 2 Chamber AK Brake

Midwest Industries has released a new brake for AK shooters. The MI AK .30 Cal Two Chamber Muzzle Brake features 2 expansion chambers and 4 large side facing ports. The brake is machined from tool steel and given a black phosphate finish. This brake fits 14x1LH threads.

2 PORT AK_zpsxtxunnow

Midwest Industries M-LOK Hand Guard for the FN SCAR

Midwest Industries has brought more direct-connect capable hand guards for more rifles to market than anyone. Their latest is an M-LOK compatible hand guard for the FN SCAR.


The new hand guard has 18 slots in various locations for attaching M-LOK compatible accessories and a short section of 1913 rail at 12 o’clock forward of the front sight. It is machined from 6061 aluminum with a hard anodized finish. Like MI’s other SCAR rails, this one extends forward of the front sight to provide additional mounting surface for accessories and gripping surface for the shooter.

The retail price will be under $200 and it will be available in about 4 weeks.

Midwest Industries M-LOK to KeyMod Adapters

Yo dawg MI herd you like direct-attach systems…

The new M-LOK to KeyMod Adapters from Midwest Industries allow you to turn an M-LOK slot into a KeyMod compatible surface. If you are sitting on a pile of KeyMod accessories but want to use them with an M-LOK rail, these may be just the ticket.

mi mlok to keymod mlok to keymod in use

MI M-LOK Hand Guard for the Tavor

Midwest Industries (MI) just released a sneak peak at their upcoming M-LOK Hand Guard for the IWI Tavor. The images show a pre-production version of the hand guard so there may be some changes to the production model. It is basically very similar to their other Tavor hand guards with the exception of the M-LOK spec slots.

MI doesn’t usually keep you waiting for long after they release images of the pre-production product so these will likely be available soon.

MI pre-prod mlok tavor

MI M-LOK QD Sling Socket

Midwest Industries just released information about their soon to be released M-LOK QD Sling Socket. It seems strange (since you would think a sling mount would be a priority item) but I think this may be the first dedicated sling mount to be released for the M-LOK attachment system. It is machined from 6061 aluminum, hard anodized, and weighs .6 ounces. You can expect it to retail for less than $25.

MI mlok sling mount

Midwest Industries KeyMod Handguard for the FN SCAR

Midwest Industries recently gave a sneak peek at their upcoming KeyMod handguard for the FN Scar. The handguard extends 6″ forward of the SCAR’s existing handguard to provide the user additional space to grip the rifle and mount accessories. It also provides a continuous top rail over the SCAR’s gas block like MI’s current SCAR SSR rail. The new KeyMod handguard is made from hard anodized 6061 aluminum and adds 7 ounces to the overall weight of the firearm.

Check out Midwest Industries.

MI KeyMod SCAR MI KeyMod SCAR Full

MI AR Pistol Buffer Tube

I told you about Midwest Industries’ new line of AR Pistols and new AR Pistol Buffer Tube yesterday. I was able to round up even more details on the buffer tube and, on paper, it is pretty exciting.

The MI AR Pistol Buffer Tube is similar to other tubes on the market in that it has a shoulder for the SB15 Arm Brace to rest against in order to increase the length of pull and it uses a standard end plate and castle nut which provides several rear sling mounting options.

However, it has also 2 features that make it stand out. First, it is long enough that the rear of the tube sits flush with the rear of the SB15. This completely fills the void at the rear of the SB15 to provide more rigidity and it is long enough to bring an AR pistol with a 10.5″ barrel to 26″ overall length so you can install a vertical grip (see here for details)! Second, the tube is mil-spec diameter behind the threads which means that most clamp style rear sling mounts can be used.

This looks like a great option for those who are building an AR Pistol. Check out the new MI AR Pistol Buffer Tube at Midwest Industries.

MI AR Pistol Buffer Tube

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