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Sneak Peek: Zulu Nylon Gear and Manticore Arms Collaboration Gear

Zulu Nylon Gear and Manticore Arms are introducing a new line of gear that will be available exclusively through Manticore Arms. The new line of chest rigs includes the Subgun RSCR, a subgun version of the excellent Zulu Nylon Gear RSCR complete with the RSCR’s unique pull-forward flap magazine pouches and low profile harness. The Subgun RSCR fits Colt 9mm, Uzi, MP5, Scorpion EVO, Glock extended, and similarly sized magazines (bulkier UMP and Sig MPX mags do not fit).

There will be a number of collaboration gear pieces available in the future. The Subgun RSCR is already available exclusively at ManticoreArms.com.

Manticore Arms ARClight XTL Tavor Rails Have Feelings Too!

This ARCLight XTL rail is more than just a little surprised by an undersized screw. Look at that “face”. The poor thing looks downright horrified!

Manticore Arms shared this image on their Facebook page and it was too good not to share. Check out the ARClight XTL Rail at Manticore Arms.

Eclipse Short Nine Flash Suppressor from Manticore Arms

The Manticore Arms Eclipse Short Nine Flash Suppressor (1.75″ long, 2.4 oz) is a more compact version of the original Eclipse Flash Suppressor (2.25″ long, 3.6 oz). It is designed to work with calibers up to 9mm, threaded 1/2 x 28 tpi, machined from 8620 steel, heat treated, and finish with black oxide.

Check out the Eclipse Short Nine Flash Suppressor at Manticore Arms.


Manticore Arms Launches New Site

The previous Manticore Arms website was functional but dated. While it never kept me from purchasing several of their muzzle devices over the years, it was time for an update. The new Manticore Arms website is now online and it looks great.

Check out Manticore Arms.


Manticore Arms CZ Scorpion EVO Slider Stock Prototype

Manticore Arms released an image of their latest Slider Stock prototype for the CZ Scorpion EVO. This most recent iteration should be close to the actual production stock that will go into production soon. I’ve always appreciated Manticore Arms willingness to support niche firearms with great quality accessories.

manticore arms scorpion evo slider stock

AK Flush Fit Side Fold Adapter from Circle 10 AK and Manticore Arms

Circle 10 AK and Manticore Arms have collaborated to bring the new AK Flush Fit Side Fold Adapter to market. You may remember the sneak preview of this adapter from a few weeks ago.

20151016_071728 20151016_071909

ThisĀ AK Flush Fit Side Fold Adapter is designed to be used with the 4.5mm side folding trunnions commonly found on Bulgarian AKs (it is not for converting fixed stock AKs). It is for use with mil-spec diameter stocks and the end of the adapter features a threaded cap for storage. The innovation here is the relief cut in the side of the tube that allows it to fold against the receiver, covering the optic rail.

Check out the Circle 10 AK website for more details and to purchase.

30% Off Everything at Manticore Arms

Manticore Arms is offering 30% off all in stock items on their website! Use code ALLDAMNWEEK at checkout. The coupon is good through next Monday (11/24).

Manticore Arms Tavor ARClight XTL

Tavor Curved Buttpad from Manticore Arms

The new Tavor Curved Buttpad from Manticore Arms reduces the Tavor’s length of pull by about 1″ which is just what the doctor ordered for smaller stature shooters. The curved shape allows the shooter to roll the gun up from low ready more effectively and will likely fit most shooters better.

MA-9700 balck rear web 5

The buttpad is manufactured from 6061 T6 aluminum where it interfaces with the Tavor and a chemically resistant polymer with just a bit of “give” to it where it interfaces with you. Most importantly, the curved shape moves the bulk of the buttpad out of the way allowing the shorter length of pull but maintaining the 26″+ length required to avoid running afoul the BATFE.

Check out the Tavor Curved Buttpad at Manticore Arms.

Manticore Arms Auctions Geiselle Super Sabra Strigger for Charity

If you own an IWI Tavor, you want a Geissele Automatics Super Sabra Trigger. It’s that simple. You might as well buy one that benefits a great charity.

Manticore Arms is auctioning a Super Sabra Trigger on Gunbroker to benefit Fisher House (find out more about Fisher House’s work in providing housing near loved ones who are receiving medical treatment). 100% of the funds raised from the auction will go to Fisher House.

Check out the auction on Gunbroker.


Manticore Arms and AK Operators Union Collaboration Rail

I have been following AK Operators Union, Local 47-74 for some time now, especially their AK centric YouTube Channel. I have also always kept track of what Sven at Manticore Arms is working on since the introduction of his high quality, affordable muzzle devices. So, when I recently saw that the two parties would be collaborating on an AK rail, they certainly had my attention.


This machined aluminum rail will be available in 3 separate components: the bottom handguard section, the top handguard section, and a cantilevered optic mount that sits behind the rear sight.

The bottom handguard section features the KeyMod attachment system. It should be compatible with a wide variety of AK pattern rifles including those with milled receivers (a small amount of fitting may be required for milled receivers). Best of all, the lower handguard is compatible with any standard upper handguard including the Ultimak. An extended version will be available eventually.

The upper handguard will be available in multiple versions. There will be a railed option and one that can mount an Aimpoint Micro directly for optimal co-witness.

The cantilevered optic mount will also accept Aimpoint Mircos. It attaches to the handguard and places the optic behind the rear sight, just above the dust cover.

Manticore Arms has a very good handle on quality and is also known for being quite affordable. This rail has a ton of potential.

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