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Free and Easy Way to Add a QD Sling to AK Triangle Folding Stock – Echo Nine Three

In addition to their line of AK accessories, Echo Nine Three is a full-service gunsmith with a ton of experience with the AK family of rifles. E93 occasionally shares easy, DIY AK improvements that you can do at home and I always learn a lot from them. The most recent is an fairly easy way to add a QD sling swivel socket to your AK Triangle Folding Stock.

You’ll just need a 3/8″ drill bit and a 1/2″ drill bit. A drill press would probably be nice but a vice and handheld drill will suffice.

You can find the tutorial on Echo Nine Three’s Facebook page. Each image has its own included instructions so be sure to click through the whole gallery before beginning.


Custom Dyed Magpul AK Grips from Echo Nine Three

I am going to let you in on a little secret. The original thin, little popsicle stick of a grip that comes on most AKs is terrible. All those “Keep that #$%! off my AK!” guys won’t admit it but they wish they had grips that actually filled the hand of a well fed westerner. Echo Nine Three is here to help guys like that with their new Bakelite Orange and Plum custom dyed Magpul AK grips.echo93_dyed_magpul


They take a darn good grip, the Magpul MOE AK Grip, and apply a custom dye process to create traditional AK colors like Bakelite Orange and Plum. The Bakelite Orange can be clear coated (not included) to appear even more authentic. The Plum color is dyed to match Arsenal’s Plum furniture. They sell the grips already dyed or they can dye user provided parts.

Now you can have a grip that was designed with an actual human in a color that you can satisfy your appetite for authenticity.

Echo Nine Three Viet-Nine

Echo Nine Three turns out some very cool stuff from the gunsmithing side of their operation. Their latest, the Viet-Nine, is a real crowd-pleaser but, unfortunately, it is not something they intend to offer.

E93 Viet-Nine

This retro 9mm AR-15 build took over 2 years to complete because of how scarce some of the parts are. The mid-length triangular handguards are custom made while the stock and grip are original. The 14.5″ barrel has a permanently attached flash suppressor to bring it to a non-NFA length.

This build is so clean and unique, I had to profile it here.

Echo93 SpecMod

Echo Nine Three’s SpecMod stock set is pretty slick. It blends traditional looks with features that the “modern” shooter expects. They recently produced a graphic that notes all the components and features in an easy to digest way.

Check out the SpecMod Stock Set at E93.


If Slings Could Talk

Imagine for a moment that you operate a business that creates and sells quality AK parts here in the States but you also do various training for all kinds of interesting people in far flung corners of the world. One day while working in an unnamed armory in Kabul, you come across one of the slings that you designed and sold laying in a box looking battered and worn but still very much usable. I bet that sling could tell some stories!

That is exactly the situation that faced Joe at Echo Nine Three. He posted a picture of the situation with a bit of commentary on the E93 Facebook Page.

e93 sling

From E93:

I made a visit to an undisclosed armory in Kabul today. To my surprise I saw one of our first 100 Dual Mode Slings (stainless polygon hub) in a box with several other. No idea how it came to be here. But, apparently it took the abuse well.

If only slings could talk! Check out Echo Nine Three.

Echo Nine Three AK Flash Suppressors

Echo Nine Three just released two new flash suppressors for the AK-47 – the AK3P and AKML/C. Both threaded 14x1mm and are constructed from 4140 steel with a black oxide finish. Both are 2.5″ long and designed to give plenty of leeway for those who want to permanently attach them. Both also feature multiple detent cuts to ensure a tight fit.

The AK3P is a pronged flash suppressor with 3 tines. For those who prefer closed end muzzle devices, the AKML/C is a sloted flash suppressor. They are available now at Echo Nine Three.


Echo Nine Three V3/SB

The SB47 Stabilizing Brace is essentially the AK-47 version of the well known SB15 AR Pistol Stabilizing Brace. It allows you add an “arm brace” that also happens to work well when shouldered to your AK pistol.

Echo Nine Three has been developing a sling plate for the SB47, the V3/SB, for some time now and it is nearing completion. They showed the most recent prototype on their Facebook page (pictured below). It will be made from steel like their other sling plates and Melonite processed for durability and corrosion resistance.

The Echo Nine Three V3/SB will be available soon.

Echo Nine Three SB47 Sling Mount Revision

Special Price on Echo Nine Three V6 Sling Plates

If you have a milled Yugoslavion AK like the NPAP and OPAP, I have good news. Echo Nine Three is sitting on some extra V6 Sling Plates from a special order of sterile plates. These plates are unmarked which is handy if you are a secret squirrel or you just want to save some cash. Check out the special pricing on the sterile V6 Sling Plates while they last.

Echo Nine Three V6 overrun

Echo Nine Three Black Friday to Cyber Monday Event

Prepare your stockings. They’re about to get stuffed. Everything that Echo Nine Three makes is on sale in a big way during their Black Friday to Cyber Monday event. Check out Echo Nine Three. The sale starts this Friday.

Echo Nine Three Black Friday through Cyber Monday

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