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BCM AR-15 OEM RECCE Mid-Length Lightweight 16″ Rifle

Brownells is now offering the BCM AR-15 OEM RECCE Mid-Length Lightweight 16″ Rifle. This is an IEM rifle and “OEM” is becoming a marketing term for a carbine that comes complete and assembled but without a stock or hand guard. This allows the purchaser to configure these items as they see fit.

If you want a BCM AR-15 that is ready to be customized, this is it.


BCM Mk15 Tritium Watch (Limited Edition)

When a gun company comes out with a branded watch, most watch-guys probably roll their eyes. They are usually just rebranded fashion watches with all the quality of a trade show giveaway. BCM went a different route. Their new BCM Mk15 Tritium Watch is certainly not a cheap quartz rebrand. It is their design from the ground up and they even own the tooling!

This watch isn’t cheap but, in the world of watches, it isn’t expensive either. Judging by the feature set, they are actually delivering some very solid value for the asking price. Things like sapphire crystals with double AR coatings, Swiss movements, tritium, and 316L PVD cases built like this don’t come cheap. Check out the limited edition BCM Mk15 Tritium Watch.


Mk15 Time Piece Specifications


  • Swiss Made Chronograph Movement
  • 13 Jewels / Gold Plated


  • Chronograph
  • Center Stop Second
  • 1/10 Seconds up to 30 Minutes
  • 30 Minute Counter
  • 10 Hour Counter
  • Add and Split Functions
  • Small Second
  • Date


  • Stainless Steel 316L PVD Brushed Black
  • Case size: 45mm x 52mm x 15mm
  • Anodized RED Screw in Crown


  • Stainless Steel 316L PVD Brushed Black
  • Bezel size: 45mm
  • Number and Markings are Laser Engraved
  • Unidirectional, Ratcheted

Case Back

  • Stainless Steel
  • Attachment: Screwed In
  • Laser Engraved: Gunfighter Edition, MK15 Mod 0, 000/2,500, Swiss Movement, 20ATM (660ft) Water Resistant, Stainless Steel, MB Microtech T25.


  • Real Carbon Fiber Dial with Enamel Coating

Bands (2)

  • 24mm Stainless Steel 316L PVD Brushed Black with Double-Locking Fold-Over Clasp
  • 24mm Rubber Divers Watch Band


  • Sapphire Scratch Resistant Crystal
  • 2 Layers of Anti Reflecting Coating Applied to the Inside of the Crystal


  • Including Steel Band: 232 grams
  • Including Rubber Divers Band: 128 grams

Water Resistant

  • 20ATM (200 meter / 656 feet)

Tritium Illumination

  • T25 Tritium Illumination
  • 15 Tritium Tubes for Incredible Illumination
  • Colors for Tritium is Green Except for the Number 12 which is Orange


  • Life: 4 Years
  • Model: 395

Watch Band Tool & Extra Pins

  • Red Anodized Multi Tool for Removal of Band and Links
  • Clear Bottle with Extra Watch Band Pins

Gun Case Watch Box

  • Injection Molded Glass Fiber Reinforced Case
  • Air Pressure Release Valve
  • Custom Die Cut Foam Insert
  • Rubber Non Slip Handle and Feet
  • Metal BCM® Engraved Plate on Lid of Watch Box

Limited Edition

  • Each Watch is Engraved Numbered as per the Limited Edition, 0/2500


  • 1 year from Date of Purchase

BCM-MK15-Watch-4 BCM-MK15-Watch-7 BCM-MK15-Watch-6

Sneak Peek: BCM to Release KMR Alpha Rails

Bravo Company Manufacturing’s KMR is revolutionary in how it uses advanced alloys and design to reduce weight. The problem is that they have not been able to keep up with the demand for the KMR due to the short supply of the alloy used in its construction. Their solution will be the introduction of the KMR Alpha – a rail with many of the same great features and relative lightweight but easily available aluminum construction.


The KMR Alpha will be available in 15, 13, 10, 9, and 7″ lengths. Each length weighs only slightly more than the magnesium alloy version of the KMR yet they cost significantly less. The prospect of more easily available and lower cost KMRs is exciting. I suspect that BCM will have a hit on their hands with the introduction of this new version of the KMR.

The new KMR Alphas are already listed on the BCM website but they are currently unavailable. Stay tuned for release information.

KMR Alpha 15

KMR Alpha 13

KMR Alpha 10

KMR Alpha 9

KMR Alpha 7

BCM Introduces Limited Edition OCP Grips

BCM just announced limited edition OCP camo-dipped versions of their forward and pistol grips. OCP versions of the GUNFIGHTER Grip Mod 0 and 3, GUNFIGHTER Vertical Grip, GUNFIGHTER Vertical Grip SHORT, and GUNFIGHTER Vertical Grip KeyMod are available now.


BCM to Produce Rifles in 300BLK

BCM announced that they will be producing AR-15s chambered in .300 AAC Blackout. There hasn’t been much news surrounding the 300BLK for some time now though it is still quite popular. This has the potential to really bolster the cartridge’s position as the most widely supported alternative caliber for AR-15s.


BCM Vertical Grip Mod 3

The BCM Vertical Grip Mod 3 is now available. This is a lightweight (1.9 oz), affordable weapon control option that represents the next evolution of the BCMGUNFIGHTER Vertical Grip SHORT.

It is available in 2 different mounting configurations (1913 rail and KeyMod) and 4 different colors (FDE, Black, OD, and Wolf Grey). Check out the new Vertical Grip Mod 3 at BCM.


Pat Rogers Has a Nicer AR Pistol Than You!

The AR pistol is enjoying unprecedented levels of acceptance among shooters of all types, including quality instructors. This was starting to happen before the release of the Sig SB15 Pistol Brace but the brace’s arrival solidified the current interest in the AR pistol.

You may recall a previous post where I broke the news of BCM’s work with AR pistols. That post mentions that Pat Rogers of EAG Tactical was working with AR pistols to see how viable they were. Well, he has recorded some of his thoughts and experiences on Lightfighter and recently he posted an image of at least one of his BCM built AR pistols. It’s a really stinkin’ nice pistol.


The pictured pistol features a ton of BCM gear which isn’t surprising. I see a KMR Rail, GUNFIGHTER Comp, GUNFIGHTER Grip, and, of course, a BCM upper/lower. The Magpul AFG is a conservative choice given the BATFE’s stance on vertical grips on a pistols with an OAL of 26″ or less (I don’t know the OAL on this pistol). Pat Rogers’ affinity for the bomb-proof Aimpoint T1 is well known so it is no surprise to see one in use here.

BCM Trivia Challenge

Larry Vickers is one of many high profile instructors that are on the BCM team. They have teamed up to offer a trivia challenge that, if you win, will drop a fresh new BCM carbine configured to the LAV’s specs in your lap. All you have to do is view a video, answer some trivia, and enter at this link.

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 6.34.58 AM

Bravo Company USA AR-15 Pistol Receiver Extension and Pistol Build News

I first told you that Bravo Company USA was testing the AR-15 pistol waters back in April. Now the fruits of that testing are starting to come to market. They just introduced a new receiver extension and you can expect complete AR pistols to be available within the next month! Hopefully those pistol builds will include plenty of enhanced lightweight barrel profile and KMR rail action.


The new receiver extension is fairly basic. It is just a straight tube machined from 7075T6 aluminum with hard anodized finish. The outside diameter is 1.2″ to work with the SB15 Arm Brace.

Check out the BCM PISTOL Receiver Extension (Buffer Tube) for AR15 Pistols.


BCM Working on AR Pistol?

AR pistols are enjoying an unprecedented level of acceptance thanks in large part to a variety of quality components being available and a better, more realistic understanding of the role that they can potentially fill. The BATFE’s recent letter regarding shouldering the SB15 Stabilizer Brace doesn’t hurt either.

Perhaps the most telling indicator of how far the AR pistol has come can be found in a recent post on Lightfighter Tactical Forum

Lightfighter Ar pistol capture

The post (above) is written by Pat Rogers of EAG Tactical and it succinctly outlines his journey from AR pistol skeptic to believer and mentions that he will be testing an AR pistol from “Paul”. The Paul mentioned in the is Paul Buffoni, head honcho at BCM and all-around AR-15 guru.

Pat Rogers doesn’t buy into range toys and Paul Buffoni certainly doesn’t build them. Just because a BCM AR pistol is being tested doesn’t mean it will make it to market (remember the BCM dissapators?) but these are clear indicators that the AR pistol is gaining traction in serious circles. Who wouldn’t want a BCM built AR pistol!?!?



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