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I have to admit that I really like TOP SHOT. I didn’t really know much about until I came across it on Netflix a few months ago and watched the first episode of the first season. I think I finished the rest of the season in about 2 days.

We are now on the brink of the 3rd season of TOP SHOT. The season premier will run on History Tuesday, August 9th at 10PM/9PM central time. I was contacted by the folks at History and they passed along this information about the coming season:

HISTORY’s hit competition show is back with a gauntlet of all new extreme challenges and eager marksmen ready for a shot at greatness.  16 competitors chosen from across the country vie for the $100,000 prize and the title of TOP SHOT.  A national revolver champion, two homeland security agents, a former Navy SEAL, firearms instructors, a restaurant owner and a camp director must demonstrate their skill using the most diverse weapons, from state-of-the-art firearms to rocks.  This season also stars some of the biggest weapons ever featured on TOP SHOT such as the Gatling and Hotchkiss Mountain Guns.  Colby Donaldson returns as host for the competition that takes a page from history.

The 14 marksmen and two markswomen were carefully selected from thousands of applicants to participate in this season of TOP SHOT. The contestants include a national revolver champion, two homeland security agents (who also happen to be close friends), a former Navy SEAL, two cops, a nurse and several firearms instructors. Two of the contestants, a restaurant owner and Christian camp director, are self-taught.

The shooters will have to display mastery of weapons from all eras of human history, from the most primitive (rocks) to the most sophisticated tactical firearms. Contestants will employ some of the biggest munitions ever featured on TOP SHOT, including the Gatling gun, the Hotchkiss mountain gun and the CornerShot. In addition, they must endure extreme physical tests to stay in the game. High-speed HD cameras capture the skillful execution of each test in extreme slow-motion.

The premiere of season three begins with a gauntlet of extreme challenges. 16 marksmen immediately pair off and duel with one of the world’s biggest handguns. Teams are then divided into winners and losers before facing off in a surprise military challenge. In the elimination challenge, two competitors get the ride of their life on a horse-drawn stagecoach as they shoot to stay in the competition.

You can head over to the TOP SHOT Facebook page or the TOP SHOT website to keep up with all the latest news about the show.

Disclosure: I was contacted by HISTORY and provided with information for this post.

Just for Fun: “Banana Clips”

The term “banana clip” is an erroneous name for the curved magazines that are used in many different types of magazine fed rifles. The term has been co-opted by anti-2nd Amendment groups in order to spread fear and misinformation. In the end, it only shows their ignorance since banana clips aren’t clips at all. They are magazines. Yes, there is a difference.

Before I ruin your mood, let me change gears. This post isn’t really about anti-2nd Amendment groups or semantics. It is about something a whole lot more fun than that. This post is about the Banana Clip banana hangers made by “Kmanator” who obviously has a great sense of humor. He is a regular on several online forums and an eBay seller. He makes plasma cut metal items like signs and the Banana Clip banana hanger.

The banana hangers are made to look like famous rifles like an AR-15 or AK-47. Their is a hook located on the magazine area of the rifle that is used to hang your bananas. Hanging bananas helps them ripen evenly without all the soft spots and bruises that occur when they sit on the counter. But really, do you care that hanging is better for bananas than laying them on the counter? No. This banana hanger is just for fun.

Check out the banana hangers and all the other cool stuff in Kmanator’s eBay auctions.

PS – If you want further proof that Kmanator has an awesome sense of humor, check out his zombie-ready AK Battle Axe stocks. Sure, its impractical, but you still want one.

Independence Day

235 years ago the brave men who founded this nation signed the Declaration of Independence and in doing so, they risked their reputations, livelihoods, and their lives. Today, that same bold spirit is shown by those who fight to maintain this country’s freedom. Take a moment today to remember those who have risked, and in some cases sacrificed, everything to secure our freedom.

Have a safe, happy, and thoughtful 4th of July.

Jerking the Trigger is on Twitter

Trigger Jerks, are you itching for a new way to keep tabs on the latest tactical gear news and review? Now you can get your Jerking the Trigger fix on Twitter.

Follow @jerkthetrigger.

Give Terror the Axe Foundation

Shawn Phillips, a friend from the Usual Suspect Network, is working in conjunction with Daniel Winkler to make sure that our soldiers have some amazing axes and tomahawks at their disposal. Shawn started the Give Terror the Axe Foundation to put these highly sought after axes in the hands of the US Navy’s Special Warfare community and the US Army’s Special Operations community. These are functional tools that are being put to good use in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sources say that Winkler axes were present in Somolia during the pirate boarding and in the recent action in Abbottabad.

Give Terror the Axe raises funds several ways. Donations of any size are accepted to the foundation’s paypal account (information below). You can also purchase items like patches or other really amazing items that are donated from time to time. Soon, the foundation will have their own custom patches available for purchase.

The funds are handled in a completely transparent way and as soon as there has been enough raised for an axe (about $350), the funds go straight to Daniel Winkler. All donations are published on the Usual Suspects Network so you can be sure that your donations are going to the right place.

Here is how you can get involved (it will be easier if you have an account with the Usual Suspects Network)…

Read more about the foundation here: Usual Suspect Network Thread – Give Terror The Axe Fund

Buy a patch here: Usual Suspect Network Thread – FS: Give Terror The Axe Fund PATCHES

Check out the extremely rare Strider BD CuBe that is being sold: Usual Suspect Network Thread – Give Terror The Axe SALE: Strider BD CuBe

Send questions or a donation to the Give Terror the Axe Foundation’s Paypal account: GiveTerrorTheAxe@gmail.com

Battle Arms Development Military, Police, Fire, and EMT Discount

If you serve in the military, police, fire department, or as an EMT then Battle Arms Development wants to recognize your service by offering you a discount on their products. They have conveyed to me that they believe that those serving in these capacities are all heroes and they hope that other manufacturers will follow their lead with discounts like this for heroes.

You can contact Battle Arms Development through their website to find out more about the discount.

Win an Amazing Hinderer XM-18 and Support Knife Rights

Knife Rights is raffling a one-off custom XM-18 from Rick Hinderer. The knife is currently being made so there are no pictures yet but the specs look fantastic and no one questions the bullet-proof reputation of the XM-18.

You can purchase a raffle ticket and support the cause on the Knife Rights website.

Memorial Day

Today, Memorial Day, is the day that we honor those who have given their lives for this country in the course of military service. This is far more important than just a 3 day weekend. I encourage you to take a moment to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.

13Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

2011 Gunnie Awards from LuckyGunner.com

LuckyGunner.com is a great place to buy ammo and a great friend to this blog. They are hosting the voting for the 2011 Gunnie Awards to “recognize the best gun bloggers & websites for their contribution to firearm news, politics, and law over the past year.” The awards are based on voting by readers like you.

Jerking the Trigger has been nominated for a “Gunnie” under the category of Gear Reviews. The other blogs in the category are very deserving but I hope that you will consider voting for Jerking the Trigger.

You can vote by clicking HERE to visit LuckyGunner.com.

New Monthly Contests from LuckyGunner.com

LuckyGunner.com is beginning monthly contests starting this month (April). This month they are giving away 500 rounds of .45 ACP ammunition! Who doesn’t like free ammo?

All you have to do to enter is click the LuckyGunner.com advertisement on the right side of this page (or click here) and subscribe to their mailing list. Once you are subscribed, you are automatically entered in future contests.

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