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V Seven Adds New Finish for S7 308 Bolt Catch

V Seven Weapon Systems is now offering a new NP3 finish option on their S7 Bolt Catch for .308/DPMS/SR-25 pattern rifles. The black finish will remain available. This bolt catch is machined from S7 tool steel and features enhanced texture on the paddle.


Magpul RLS (Rifleman Loop Sling)

The use of a sling as a stabilization aid is becoming something of a lost art. That may start to change now that Magpul is rolling out the RLS – a simple, affordable shooting sling that functions somewhat like a Rhodesian sling but with the benefits of some modern materals.

From Magpul:

Building on the heritage and proven performance of Magpul’s MS Sling series, the Magpul RLS (Rifleman Loop Sling) is a durable, lightweight, and affordable shooting aid and retention device. What at first appears to be an unassuming weapon sling is quickly transformed by the end user into a rock-solid, adjustable, isometrically-tensioned shooting aid. Combining the best features of Rhodesian and 1907 match-style slings, the RLS is born of Magpul’s famous proprietary nylon mesh webbing and high-strength polymer hardware.

The American-made Magpul RLS combines legendary Magpul innovation, quality, and design into a simple and effective shooting aid for less money than many slings that merely carry a rifle. Available in BLK or COY.

Check out the RLS at Magpul.com

Magpul Bipod

The Magpul Bipod is designed as the most durable and versatile bipod for the money. Rich with important features, our lightweight Mil-spec hard anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum and injection-molded polymer bipod brings innovation in ergonomics, functionality, strength and value together. An aesthetically pleasing, low-profile design conceals its mechanisms and hardware, smoothly brushing off snags and bumps. Optimized for rapid one-handed adjustments, the bipod quickly and quietly transitions between countless user configurations. The Magpul Bipod includes many features normally found on bipods at a significantly higher cost.

The Magpul Bipod is available in BLK or FDE and comes in three popular mounting platforms: M-LOK ® (MAG933), 1913 Picatinny Rail (MAG941), and A.R.M.S® 17S Style (MAG951)–the Bipod for A.R.M.S.®17S Style must be used in conjunction with an appropriate 17S-style mounting device that is purchased separately and typically is quick-detach capable, for proper mounting to your weapon system of choice.

Website and Video Link: Bipod Product Page

New Products at Tactical Works Including Masterpiece Arms BA Hybrid Chassis

Tactical Works has announced a number of new products are available on their website including black and tungsten BA Hybrid Chassis from Masterpiece Arms. This is a flexible chassis that is light enough for hunting or weight-restricted F-class applications at less than 3 pounds, but it can also be scaled up to over 7 pounds if necessary.

They also have a number of new products from Fix It Sticks including the new magnetic patches that we have profiled on JTT before. Tactical Works has one of the most complete Fix It Sticks product lines I have found.

You can check out all of the new products in the their newsletter: Tactical Works Newsletter

Check out TacticalWorks.com

Special Kraft Gun Builders (KGB) MG47 Grips

KGB (Kraft Gun Builders) has teamed up with Elevenmile Arms to create some AK grips that manage to look equally at home on a minimalist traditional AK or an ultra-modern, kitted up AK. The grip is KGB’s MG47 –  a machined aluminum grip with styling queues taken from triangle side folding stocks. Then Elevenmile Arms created the Bakelite and Russian Plum finishes.

These appear to be a special project and they are unavailable at this time. Stay tuned for additional details.


Elevenmile Arms

Edgar Sherman Design – ESD Sling

The ESD Sling, from Edgar Sherman Design, is a lightweight, adaptable 2-point sling with quick-adjust functionality like many other slings on the market. However, the ESD Sling has a few features that set it apart.

At first glance, the ESD Sling has a ladder lock slider for the quick-adjust feature that is similar to many slings. However, ESD has figured out a way to use the slider so that it operates quickly and smoothly in both directions (both tightening and loosening) while most slings with similar hardware only work well for tightening and bind when the user tries to loosen. They also attach an ITW Zipline Orbit pull that makes the slider easy to grasp.

The ESD Sling also boasts a number of attachment options. The user can spec their ESD Sling with sewn in QD swivels, HK style hooks, loose ends for adding your own hardware, or paracord loops. The paracord option allows the user to tie their sling into their rifle with any length of paracord they choose.

The design has no loose ends and can be folded into its own elastic keeper for storage. Pulling the sling allows it to deploy from its folded position to its full length in a snap.

Check out the ESD Sling at EdwardShermanDesign.com.


V Seven Ultra-Light M-LOK Rail Sections

V Seven Weapon Systems is now offering Ultra-Light M-LOK Rail Sections. These rail sections are available in 3 or 5 slot lengths and are machined from 7075-T6 aluminum. The cross bar sections have been scalloped in the center and pockets of material have been machined out of the back to the rail to remove as much weight as possible.

The 3 slot rail section weighs 15.5 grams and the 5 slot weighs 21.5 grams. Those weights include the screws and M-LOK nut.

Ultra-Light M-LOK Rail Sections at V Seven

XTech Tactical Releases MTX Magazine Extension for M&P Full Size Pistols & Now Offers Bulk Packs for VP9 magazines!

Mesa, AZ- XTech Tactical, LLC an innovative firearms accessory manufacturer expands line of its patent pending MTX magazine extensions. First seen for the VP/P30 full size H&K pistols, the MTX compatible with the M&P, M&P 2.0 full size, and Caracal Enhanced F pistols is now shipping! These are anything but industry standard magazine extensions.

The MTX for the M&P uses the patent pending design that is robust, durable, offers flawless feeding, while requiring no tools for installation. The magazine extension uses military grade reinforced polymers, and the inner housing offers the patent pending “Leading Edge” eliminating any catch point during the transfer from the extender into the magazine tube. The kit includes both the extender parts and a custom engineered stainless-steel spring. All components are 100% Made in the US.

MSRP for the MTX M&P Magazine Extension is $29.95 with two packs available for $49.95. The kit adds 5 rounds for 9mm and 4 rounds for .40 S&W.

XTech Tactical, LLC also has released 5 pack (15rd, $165/20rd $237.25) and 10 pack (15rd, $300/20rd $449.50) for their US Made, Stainless Steel, Teflon coated completed VP9/P30 9mm full size magazines.

For more information on how the MTX Extenders work here is a video overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2ImWA740p0

They can be purchased at www.xtechtactical.com, and they offer great dealer programs. Dealer and press inquiries please contact jeremy@xtechtactical.com

Unity Tactical Garage Sale

Unity Tactical has a new clearance page that they call the Garage Sale. The page has a number of great items at drastically reduced prices including one of my favorites piece of gear they ever developed – the Monkey Bar (see our review).

Unity Tactical Garage Sale


From Suarez International:


NP3 – $259.99

Our Supermatch Slides are manufactured for the gunfighter and is the most refined precision made custom slide available for the Glock platform available anywhere. This slide is made for those who want the benefits of the Supermatch Slide, but do not run a red Trijicon RMR, or wish to have the slide cut for a different red dot. Angled and contoured design, correctly angled serrations, integral “blood groove” design and modern logo work together to create a slide that is deadly accurate, combat-ergonomic, as well as aesthetically pleasing.


  • Tighter tolerances for increased accuracy, reliability, and performance.
  • Precision manufactured from heat treated 17-4 aerospace stainless steel.
  • Serrations are ergonomically angled and shaped for ease of use under duress.
  • Barrel locking manufactured with tighter tolerances.
  • When used with a match-quality barrel, accuracy will be greatly increased.
  • The ejection port lowered by .100″, and contoured for reliable and predictable ejection of spent cases.
  • Guaranteed to function 100% on all Glock frames with quality ammunition.


  • Stripped or assembled with Glock factory internals.
  • Various choices in standard and cowitness sights.
  • Choice to cut for any appropriate red dot, or leave it plain with iron sights.

SI-43 Slide at Suarez International

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