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Ruger American Rifle Ranch Now in 7.62×39

Ruger announced today that they will be adding a new chambering to their Ruger American Ranch line up – 7.62×39! The new Ruger American Rifle Ranch 7.62×39 will feature the same 16.12″ medium contour, threaded, hammer forged barrel found other American Rifle Ranch offerings. It feeds from Mini-30 magazines and weighs in at under 6 pounds.

The idea of a light and handy, magazine fed, bolt-action carbine chambered in a versatile and affordable cartridge like 7.62×39 is appealing to many shooters. Rifles like this were previously somewhat rare in the market with factory threaded options being virtually nonexistent. With Ruger’s manufacturing capacity, hog hunters, deer hunters, and practical rifle enthusiasts should have no problem putting their hands on a 7.62×39 chambered bolt gun.

The use of the Mini-30 magazine is likely to generate mixed opinions but it is an established and readily available magazine. Using it instead of something like an AK-47 magazine allows Ruger to avoid the varying tolerances often found in AK magazines. It should also help keep the weight down to ensure that the Ruger American Ranch remains the light, handy rifle that Ruger intends it to be.

Check out the new Ruger American Rifle Ranch in 7.62×39 at Ruger.com.

OC Tactical Glock Basic Armorer Kit

OC Tactical offers a kit, the Glock Basic Armorer Kit, that includes everything you need to work on your Glock handguns. The kit includes a bench mat that is printed with an exploded diagram of a Glock and a parts list along with a parts tray so your smallest parts don’t roll away. The included 3/32″ disassembly tool is all you need to completely disassemble your Glock. The orange half slide plate allows you to check inspect the trigger connector with the slide installed which can be an important part of checking the safety function, especially when you are changing out trigger parts.

OC Tactical Glock Basic Armorer Kit

Ameriglo Fiber I-Dot

Ameriglo is now offering what may be the first fiber optic sights with a dot-over-dot configuration. Their Fiber I-Dot sights are available for Glock handguns (sight sets available for all Glocks except the 42/43) and are available in a number of color combinations. These sights feature a .125″ front sight paired with a .150″ wide rear sight notch. The leading edge of the rear sight is squared enough for various one handed slide manipulation techniques.

Ameriglo Fiber I-Dot Sights

Limited Edition Vickers Medic Sling from Blue Force Gear

Every once in a while, Blue Force Gear opens up the vault and rolls out a limited edition Vickers Sling. Whether it is a limited colorway or their functional but vintage-looking AK slings, they are always cool and they don’t last long. Their newest limited edition release is the previously unobtainable Vickers Medic Sling.

The Medic Sling has an additional slider to offer a wider range of adjustability than the standard Vickers Sling. The sling may be loosened or very quickly cinched close to the wearer if they need to their hands off the rifle. In the case of a medic, they can control their rifle against their body to free both hands for treating a patient. In your case, you can control your rifle against your body to free both hands for scarfing down sandwiches on the range.

From Blue Force Gear:

The Vickers Medic Sling was designed with input from 18D’s and other combat medics that wanted maximum adjustability in their sling, but didn’t want to deal with a long, flopping “tail” as found on some other slings.  The Blue Force Gear Medic Sling uses a dual adjustment set-up so that it functions as a normal Vickers Sling for most uses, but when it needs to be cinched down while working on a patient, fast-roping, or other dynamic activities the second adjuster can be moved through a wide adjustment range to dial the tension in perfectly.  It is made with our premium US materials and construction with a lifetime guarantee.

The Vickers Medic Sling was one of our very first limited release slings in our early days. Ever since it’s limited run, people have asked about it, and now the people have spoken. We’re offering a limited run of this sling for seven days only.

Each Vickers Medic Sling is built-to-order, which may not guarantee shipping within 48 hours of purchase.

As with all Blue Force Gear products, the Medic Sling is made with excellence in the USA, is Berry Compliant and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

Check out the Limited Edition Vickers Medic Sling at BlueForceGear.com. It will be gone on midnight, August 30th.

Scalarworks LDM/PRO

It’s here! Scalarworks just released their LDM/PRO – the newest mount in their Low Drag Mount series designed for 30mm Aimpoints and similar red dot optics.

Easton, PA – August 22, 2017 – Scalarworks is pleased to introduce the Low Drag MountTM for Aimpoint PRO sights; the lightest quick-detach Aimpoint PRO mount in existence.

The LDM/PRO is a lightweight, high-strength, low-profile, quick-detach optic mount for with MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails, that is compatible with the Aimpoint PRO, Aimpoint ACO, Aimpoint CompM2, and Aimpoint CompM3, and most other 30mm tube sights.

The Scalarworks LDM/PRO features a user friendly and low-profile 30mm ring. The Scalarworks ring has a precision fitted alloy steel hinge that ensures even pressure around the optic, without requiring the tedious and imprecise setup that traditional rings do. Twin oversize CNC machined shoulder screws provide even tension and act as structural elements, making the entire ring assembly phenomenally rigid.

Like every Scalarworks Low Drag MountTM, the LDM/PRO has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any quick detach mount on the market. It’s tubular monolithic base is CNC machined from ultra high-strength 7075-T6 aluminum, and features our patented recoil-proof thumbscrew with ball detent mechanism. It also has the same precision telescoping clamp as our popular Aimpoint Micro, and Trijicon MRO mounts, which ensures a repeatable zero with each installation.

The LDM/PRO weighs less than 2.45oz (in lower-third height) which is less than half that of Aimpoint’s bundled QRP2 mount. The LDM/PRO is proudly made in the USA, and is available in both Absolute and Lower-Third Co-Witness height variants.

To learn more about the Scalarworks LDM/PRO; please visit https://scalarworks.com/shop/optic-mounts/ldm-pro/

About Scalarworks:

Scalarworks’ mission is to help our customers preserve life, guarantee liberty, and facilitate happiness.

Scalarworks designs and makes high performance firearm accessories for civilian, law enforcement, and military use. We are a Shooter Driven company that puts technical innovation and design at the forefront of everything we do.

Scalarworks was founded in 2014 and has been pushing the boundaries of firearm accessory design ever since.

Triggersafe Now Available in Tan and OD Green

Triggersafe, a removeable safety device that covers the trigger on an AR-15, is now available in 2 new colors: Sand Tan and OD Green. These new colors, and call Triggersafe devices, are now available online through Nelson & Co. exclusively.

Low Pro LLC HandStop – Now Available in M-LOK

Low Pro LLC is now offering their HandStop in M-LOK in addition to the Keymod version that was previously available. This snag-free, machined aluminum handstop takes up less than 1 square inch on your rail and weighs in at less than half an ounce.

M-LOK HandStop at LowProLLC.com

Free Essential Shooting Guide at RE Factor Tactical

RE Factor Tactical is known not just for creating targets but for creating resources and drills to help people get the most out of their targets. The Essential Shooting Guide is one such resource designed to go with their Essentials Target. Now, they are offering it for free when you purchase 100 or more Essentials Targets.

Buy 100 Targets and get a versatile target to add to your training regimen, a volume discount, and a free book of drills and other info. Check out the Essential Shooting Guide and the Essentials Target at RE Factor Tactical.

Sneak Peek: New Aero Precision AR-15 Lower Receiver

Aero Precision is working on a new AR-15 lower receiver – likely their Gen 2 Lower to go with their Gen 2 Uppers. These lowers obviously have some pretty slick aesthetics with the angular surfaces, the stylized fence around the magazine release, and what appears to be an integral skeletonized trigger guard. However, the real story here is that magazine well. Just look at it!


Free Resource: Miniature Red Dot System for Duty Handgun Use by Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics

Aaron Cowen of Sage Dynamics has written an e-book titled Miniature Red Dot System for Duty Handgun Use. The book contains a wide range of information on the topic of utilizing red dot sights on handguns including equipment considerations, training considerations, advantages of red dot sights on handguns, and more. If you own an RDS equipped handgun or if you are considering one, this free resource is worth checking out.

Find the book here: Miniature Red Dot System for Duty Handgun Use by Aaron Cowan

Not included in the book – The use of bipods on sniper Glocks…

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