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Z.E.R.T. Range Rig

The new Range Rig from Z.E.R.T. is made the way all “zombie gear” should be made – without all the wild colors and without much (if any) visible indication that it is zombie related! In this case, the Range Rig does have red thread used its construction that is visible. However, in spite of the zombie branding, this is actually a pretty decent looking chest rig with some nice features for a very impressive price.


The Z.E.R.T. Range Rig has 3 central magazine pouches that will hold 2 AR-15 magazines each or 1 AK magazines each (6 total AR mags or 3 total AK mags). The central magazine pouch has a large elastic loop on it that allows you to carry a tourniquet on your center line. The magazine pouches also have loop material on the flaps so that you can secure patches and ID. There are 2 large utility pouches that have the ability to carry shotgun shells on the exterior. There are also provisions to carry 2 chemlights.

You can find out more about the Z.E.R.T. Range Rig on Z-E-R-T.com.

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