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Offset Iron Sight Round Up

I recently reviewed the Dueck Defense Rapid Transition Sights and that review generated a lot of interest and discussion about the offset iron sight concept. It seems like a good idea to go over some of the available offset iron sight options for those of you who may be interested in trying them. My hope is that having pretty much all the currently available options in one place will be helpful to you.

Dueck Defense RTS – I won’t say much about these sights since I just reviewed them. They work and they work well. I think they are the standard in the industry right now.

Dueck Defense Rapid Transition Sights Rear Dueck Defense Rapid Transition Sights Front

GG&G 45 Degree Transition Sights – I have also mentioned these sights in the past. They appear to be well executed. I like that they are fixed (non-folding) and simple.


XS Sight Systems XTI – The XTI sights from XS Sight Systems are probably the most unique offset iron sights on the market. XS Sights has basically adapted their pistol sights to the carbine.


Knight’s Armament 45° Offset Sight Kit – Knight’s makes good stuff period. These are likely no exception. I like how compact they are though I prefer a fixed sight in this role. I would just leave them deployed all the time. I should also note that Knight’s Armament always does a great job striking a balance between making their sights easily adjustable but with low profile knobs (and often without the need for any tools).

Knights Offset Sights

Diamonhead D-45 Integrated Sighting System – The way that the Diamondhead D-45 sights swing out is very slick. They sit directly on the top rail like traditional folding sights when folded but swing out wide when deployed. These offsets also incorporate Diamondhead’s unique diamond shaped rear aperture.

Diamonback Offset Sights Folded Diamonback Offset Sights Deployed

JP Short-Range Tactical Sight – The JPSRTS might be the grandaddy of all offset iron sights. It has been around forever because it just flat works.


JP JPROS – If you have a set of iron sights that you really like and you would like to use them as offset iron sights then the JPROS is for you. These will place them at 45 degrees on the axis of the bore. You will need two to mount the JPSRTS (above) or other iron sights.

JPROS JPROS with Sights

Note: It can be tempting to use any old 45 degree offset rail mounts when trying to make offset sights. Don’t fall into that trap. Typical 45 degree offset rail mounts are made to be 45 degrees off the rail. This means that they are not on the axis of the bore which means that they will introduce significant windage deflection to the path of the bullet. Obtaining a traditional zero will be impossible. Stick with rail mounts, like the JPROS, that are built specifically for this purpose.

XS Sight Systems XTI (Xpress Threat Interdiction)

The offset iron sight concept has caught on in competition and tactical circles for use with magnified optics. The sights allow the shooter to use the magnified optic to engage targets at a distance and then quickly transition to iron sights to engage closer targets without changing their cheek weld. The latest of this type of iron sight that I have seen, and the lowest in price, is the XTI (Xpress Threat Interdiction) from XS Sight Systems.

The XTI uses XS Sight Systems’ well known express sight design with a shallow “V” shaped rear sight and a large dot shaped front. While these sights aren’t my favorite for handguns, I think they could be well suited for this particular role and might benefit from the additional sight radius that this application offers. This looks like it could be an more reasonably priced, though less versatile, alternative to an offset red dot sight.

Check out the XTI on Brownells.com.

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