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Whaley Precision Bipod Mount Teaser

Whaley Precision, a North Idaho based precision rifle builder, released a teaser of their new bipod mount. The mount is designed to work with many of the high end bipods on the market including the Spartan Javelin Bipod.

From Whaley Precision:

Our idea was with so many popular bipod systems on the market we wanted to make a rifle attachment that would accept many different high end bipods. (Although the first generation doesn’t accept Spartan 300. To keep machining easier)

We plan to make 3 versions. With all 3 versions available with a flush cup on the rear or a tradition sling stud style. Obviously things can change. Depending on what people want.

A few cool ideas we incorporated into the rail:
a rounded bottom vs flat in order to keep 2 points of contact on any rifle stock forend.

It attaches on the front with a flat socket head screw that doubles as the magnetic attachment for the Javelin Bipod. Similar to other spartan accessories.

The screw slot is set up to take low profile socket head cap screws that allow all the picatinny slots to be used no matter where the actual screw holes end up.

Screw spacing from 1.25″ to 3″ which will allow the rail to be used with many production stocks that already have 2 tapped hole location. Closer spaced holes could require a 3rd tapped location added.

They have already produced a limited number of these mounts and are soliciting input from experienced shooters. Check out the Whaley Precision Facebook page for more details.

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