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VEPR 12 Russian Shotgun Pre-Order

Move over Saiga, there is a new Kalashnikov based 12 gauge shotgun option – the VEPR 12 Gauge Shotgun. If you know AKs, you know that VEPRs are some of the finest AKs made and, unlike the Saiga 12, the new VEPR 12 Guage Shotgun won’t need to be “converted.”

These will come decked out with original MOLOT furniture (grip and hand guards), a competition magazine well, a hinged top cover with picatinny rail for optics mounting, an extended lever, and a chrome lined chamber, bore, receiver shaft, and gas chamber. They will also come with a 5 round magazine.

While these are firmly aimed at the 3 Gun Competition market, I suspect that many will purchase them for home defense. Pre-order yours today at Atlantic Firearms.


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