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Vang Comp Basic Home Defense Shotgun – Magpul Limited Edition

The shotgun whisperers at Vang Comp Systems (VCS) have offered their Basic Home Defense Shotgun package built on Mossberg 500s a few times over the years. The package is a Mossberg 500 that has received a host of the well known VCS upgrades and then sold at a very affordable price. I have always regretted not picking one up when I had the chance because I actually like Mossberg 500s and the package price is very affordable for what amounts to a custom pump-action shotgun.

VCS Basic HD 500 Magpul

Now the Basic Home Defense Shotgun is available again with a Magpul twist. The new package features everything you expect from Vang Comp like a lengthened forcing cone, back boring, porting, VCS’ Big Speed Safety and Stainless Magazine Follower but it also includes Magpul’s excellent furniture. The package costs $595 which is pretty amazing considering you are going to spend around $350 just for the basic 18.5″ Mossberg 500.

The Vang Comp Basic Home Defense Shotgun – Magpul Limited Edition is only available at Freedom Firearms. Contact them to see about having one shipped to your FFL.

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