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Sneak Peek: Turner CNC Hex Bit Sabot

You know me. I am always looking for an addition to The EDC Tool Roll, so shortly after featuring the Turner CNC Sabot on these pages, I reached out to them to ask if they ever considered making a Sabot that accepted standard 1/4″ shank screwdriver bits. Apparently, I was not the first to ask because the response was that they were already in the works!

For those unfamiliar, the Sabot is a discreet impact device. It is not unlike a knuck in how it can be used but it looks nothing like a knuck, which is a very good thing. Now, with the addition of a screwdriver bit, it will have more plausible deniability than you can shake a stick at. It is just a screwdriver… that happens to be the perfect shape for palming in particular ways.

These are currently in production and will be released in a drop as per usual. This means that they will likely sell out quickly. Stay tuned for information about availability.


Turner CNC Sabot

Knucks are fun to collect but not always practical in part because they look like… knucks. I tend to think that the most useful impact tools don’t really look like impact tools. The Turner CNC Sabot seems to fit the bill.

The Sabot has a unique shape that does not necessarily give away its intended use. It is available in a number of materials and finishes including premium metals like brass and copper but also lightweight, non-metallic (and very affordable) Delrin.

These are available in small batches that tend to sell out quickly. Turner CNC will be releasing a batch this Friday (6/25/21) so mark your calendars.


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