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TriggerSafe Glock Staging Holster

TriggerSafe’s new Glock Staging Holster is notable for a few reasons. First, it one of the few minimalist holsters that not only fits when a weapon light is installed but also breaks free with the light installed. Second, it costs only $11. It fits all standard Glocks except the 42, 43, and 48.


Sneak Peek: Triggersafe for Shotguns

Triggersafe is working to bring a shotgun version of their clip on trigger cover to market. The image below shows a meeting with their USA based injection molder with the shotgun version of the Triggersafe clearly shown on the screen. Given the LE focus of Triggersafe’s products and marketing, the shotgun version makes good sense but there could also be demand among hunters.

Keep an eye on Triggersafe.us for more details.


Triggersafe is a safety device that covers the trigger guard area of an AR-15 rifle and helps prevent the selector from being swept into the fire position unintentionally. It was developed by two police officers with extensive experience, including SWAT and training, in a large metropolitan police department.


It is designed specifically to make the administrative handling of the AR-15 more safe. Think of it as something more akin to a  chamber flag than a selector/safety (though some users are using it as a secondary safety). Triggersafe completely covers an AR-15 trigger guard and has a projection that sits under the selector. This prevents access to the trigger, increases the force necessary to sweep the selector off safe, and is visible from either side (unlike a chamber flag).

Triggersafe is made in the USA, injection molded from polymer in LaPorte, Indiana. It can be used with a variety of AR-15 trigger guards including those from Magpul and it also works with a variety of different selectors. It features a lanyard hole so that it may be dummy corded to something like a rifle rack to cause the cover to release automatically when the cord reaches its full length.

Learn more at TriggersafeTeam.com.

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