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TDI Arms AKM-L Minimalist Lower Handguard

TDI Arms has released their latest AK handguard – the AKM-L Minimalist Lower Handguard.

From TDI Arms:

The ak world is divided in two groups PURISTS & MODERNISTS we want to breach this gap by creating products in the true Kalashnikov way Simple Rugged & Functional …. The AKM-L Lower handguard has a NON INTRUSIVE design that will look great on a modernized and classic wood mix retaining the AK look without over BUBBAING it …Made from T6160 aluminum with a left side QD socket and fits perfectly with the Ultimak gas tube.

KML is in production and will be available in 35 days.

The AKML will be available trough Tdi-Arms Website www.tdi-arms.com and trough our dealers.

MSRP: $99.00


  • T6160 Aluminum
  • M-LOC attachment system
  • Weight: 100g
  • Equipped with a left side QD socket

FITS: All standard AK stamped receivers Saiga/Wasr/Arsenal

Does not fit: Milled receivers/Yugo/Vepr

To become a Tdi-Arms dealer please contact us: info@tdi-arms.biz /evgeny@tdi-arms.biz


TDI-Arms VPR-L VEPR Lower Handguard

TDI-Arms is working in conjunction with AK Operators Union to develop a new lower handguard for VEPR FM/VEPR12/Stamped RPK variants. The new TDI-Arms VPR-L VEPR Lower Handguard works with the Ultimak upper handguard rail and TDI-Arms claims it has no effect on your rifle’s zero since it does not contact the barrel. The VPR-L features M-LOK slots so you can add compatible accessories and a QD sling swivel socket.

Look for the TDI-Arms VPR-L VEPR Lower Handguard to be available in about 25 days. It will retail for under $100.


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