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TCX Holsters Helix Kit

The TCX Holsters Helix Kit might just take the venerable Discreet Carry Concepts Mod4 Clip to next level, allowing it to function as both a belt attachment and a concealment wing in one compact package.

Imagined and engineered in house, the HELIX KIT is a CNC cut aluminum attachment upgrade designed to tilt and angle a mounted clip outward while rotating it inward at the same time; hence the name HELIX™️. This actively keeps the grip of a pistol against the user’s body for maximum concealment and comfort.

The Helix effectively performs the job of an attached concealment wing – but without any added width, bulk, or potential contact points during a draw stroke.

The Helix Kit comes with everything needed to attach it to a TXC X1 Holster but it appears as though it could work with a wide variety of holsters that utilize the standard eyelet spacing.


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