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Aftermarket Zero Stops for SWFA SS Optics

Two Sniper’s Hide users, TimK and Skullybones, have designed a zero stop solution in the form of a shim kit for the fixed magnification and 3-15x FFP SWFA SS optics.

A zero stop is a mechanism that physically prevents you from dialing your optic’s elevation beyond your zero. This is extremely handy on precision optics which may require the user to rotate their elevation turret in order to dial their dope. It is easy to lose track of your revolutions and find yourself completely lost on your dial without such a system.

The SWFA SS line of optics is already well known as an extremely high value line of optics and this new zero stop shim kit adds a whole new layer of functionality to these optics. Contact timkulinstudios@aol.com to order a kit for $20 shipped CONUS.

SWFA SS Zero Stop Shim Kit SWFA SS Zero Stop Instlled




SWFA SS Bubble Level

The SWFA SS line of optics is well known as an excellent value but they have also been working to introduce a line of accessories for precision shooters. Their new SWFA SS Bubble Level has a clever design that is easier to read from the shooter’s position. Most bubble levels require the shooter to shift their focus to the level in order to read the bubble’s position between two fine lines that indicate center. The SWFA SS Bubble Level has a smaller window that only shows the bubble if the rifle is level. It can be read with less focus so the shooter can concentrate on their sight picture.

Check out the SWFA SS Bubble Level.

SWFA SS Bubble Level

SWFA-SS 3-15×42

SWFA Super Sniper 3-15x42

SWFA’s Super Sniper line has long been known as a great value among precision oriented rifle optics. My first exposure to them came back when they only offered a few fixed magnification range optics. Now their line includes several variable magnification range optics including a brand new 3-15×42.

The new SWFA-SS 3-15×42 features a first focal place (FFP) Mil-Quad Reticle, 1/10 mil adjustments with the ability to dial 5 mils per revolution, parallax adjustment, and 1 piece 30mm tube construction. It also has a very slick, built in “cat tail” feature on the magnification adjustment.

The SWFA-SS 3-15×42 will be available on April 25th from SWFA.



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