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Sneak Peek: Tan SureFeed Magazines

SureFeed Magazines (Okay Industries) currently offers two different finishes on their magazines: the standard Mil-Spec dry film lube grey and their resilient Tactical Black PTFE. That is about to change because, soon, there will be a third option – a durable tan finish.

The new tan magazines are already in production and currently waiting on packaging. They should be available from dealers around the end of this month or the first week in May. Stay tuned for additional details.


SureFeed AR-15 Magazines

Okay Industries has long been a producer of what are widely considered the best USGI aluminum AR-15/M4/M16 magazines – an opinion that I share. It has been my experience that not all aluminum magazines are equal. I have had issues with nearly every brand of aluminum mags on the commercial market. I own several of Okay Industries’ magazines, produced under the Colt and NHMTG brands, that have been my most consistent and longest lasting magazines.

okay surefeed magazines

Previously, the only way to get magazines of this quality was to buy magazines that were manufactured by Okay Industries under the Colt or NHMTG brands (or buy Okay Industries marked magazines from that shady guy at the gun show who doesn’t really want to talk about where the magazines came from). That has all changed with the introduction of the SureFeed brand of AR-15 magazines. SureFeed magazines have been produced by and are available directly from Okay Industries with the same level of quality as their military contract magazines and with the same levels of quality control.

SureFeed’s magazine bodies and base plates are made from aluminum that has been heat treated and hard anodized. They are available with either a dry film lube finish or SureFeed’s PTFE Black finish. The self-lubricating, four way, anti-tilt follower is backed up with a stainless steel spring.

Every magazine is tested – every single one. Okay Industries tests things like weld integrity, feed lip tolerance, and fit to name a few. Tests like those would have caught many of the problem magazines that I have received from other companies over the years but, obviously, not everyone tests to this level.

Okay Industries entry into the commercial market is very, very good news for shooters. Check out the SureFeed Magazines website and Facebook Page.

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